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Freestyle 2019 Sr Nationals

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Just now, spladle08 said:

You think Heflin has a shot at Ringer though? How exciting.
I hope Ringer does get some serious challenges here. Real interested in the Zahid rematch

No. I don't. I expect a 3-0 type match like Miklus. Size disparity may seem comical, though.

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1 minute ago, VakAttack said:

What is TST?

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all I could find. 

TST Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (Portuguese: Superior Labor Court; Brazil)
TST Tri-State Tornado (meteorology)
TST Twin Scroll Turbo (engines)
TST Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong)
TST Tokyo Sky Tree (broadcast tower; Japan)
TST The Satanic Temple (est. 2012)
TST Tuberculin Skin Test
TST Time Sensitive Targeting
TST Taiwan Supercritical Technology
TST Tractus Spinothalamicus
TST Time Stamp Token
TST Transmission Simulation Task
TST Twin Stage Turbo
TST Twin Scroll Turbo
TST Test Stack Top
TST Test File
TST Temporary Storage Table
TST Touchless Sensor Technology
TST Total Sleep Time
TST Time-Sensitive Target (US DoD)
TST Texas State Troops (American Civil War)
TST Transitional Stored Ticket (aviation)
TST Toronto School of Theology (Canada)
TST Test Status
TST Teacher Support Team
TST Transition State Theory
TST Technical Support Team
TST Printer Test (File Name Extension)
TST Time-Space-Time
TST Ternary Search Tree (data structure)
TST The Spanish Table
TST Transatlantic Slave Trade (UNESCO)
TST Tail Suspension Test
TST Trauma Systems Therapy (behavioral health)
TST Tactical Support Team (US DoD)
TST Toshiba System Technology (Japan)
TST The Sharp Things (band)
TST Triceps Skinfold Thickness (body composition measurement)
TST Team Selection Test (International Mathematical Olympiad)
TST Thallium Stress Test (radioisotope heart imaging)
TST Technical Services Team
TST Transgressive System Tract
TST True Stratigraphic Thickness
TST Tandem Switched Transport
TST Turkish Society of Toxicology (Turkey; est. 1987)
TST Team Sport Technologies (Minneapolis, MN)
TST Thai Standard Time (Thailand)
TST Threaded Space Time
TST The Starry Tides (band)
TST top side tank (ships)
TST Thermal Shock Testing
TST That Special Touch (Cambridge, ON, Canada)
TST Team Sumo Tournament (gaming)
TST Theater Support Team (US DoD)
TST Tactical SIGINT Technology
TST The Success Team
TST The Scotson Technique (neurobiology)
TST Traitement du Signal et Télécommunications (French: Signal Processing and Telecommunications)
TST Temperature Shock Test
TST Time Saving Tip
TST Top of Steel (architectural drawings)
TST Test Set Tape
TST Tactical Surveillance Technology
TST Test Support Package
TST The Shadow Team (Game Maker game programming team)
TST TASS Support Team (US Army)
TST Temporary Statutory Tour
TST Task Status Table
TST Transmission System Test
TST Transportation Systems Technician
TST Transmission System Technician (Navy Enlisted Classification)
TST Target System Topical
TST Transdimensional Senso-Therapy
TST Total Solar Transmission (measurement of heat absorption)
TST Triaxial Sheer Test (soil test)
TST Totally Symmetric Tensor
TST Topic Support Task
TST Teen Stock Trader (web forum)
TST The Spammers Takeout (website)

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Honestly... the match this next round I am looking forward to the most? 


It may be the only match this weekend we see where the competitors have a negative combined body fat percentage.

That and I believe their size disparity with appear comical.

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