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It's Official: Cassar Out for the Season

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3 hours ago, uncle bernard said:

Not if they feel the same way about Cassioppi and Gable would cost a full scholarship. You don't seem to understand the money aspect here. Having 2 scholarships tied up at 1 weight significantly hurts your ability to fill another weight, thus hurting the team. 

I agree with this.  Right now Iowa has an extremely balanced team and would be a massive waste of resources to dump at one weight.  Especially since they have Cass for 3 more seasons and Iowa needs to start recruiting for 125, 133, 149, 165 and 174 very soon.

PSU on the other hand has struggled quite a bit with balanced lineups (especially in the lightweights).  They need maximum production at certain weights to remain a title contender.

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3 hours ago, moose41 said:

How’s that conversation go?   Hey Cass.  I know we pulled you away from NW and it looks like you’ll be a 4 year all-America.  But Gable wants to come in now.  So we’re gonna need your money for next year.  

It boils down to integrity and you can’t repeatedly do this and think recruits won’t notice.   Not everybody likes slimey.

Yes, thats pretty much how the conversation would go.

Not everybody likes slimey, but everybody likes winning.

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On 1/7/2020 at 5:20 PM, Fletcher said:

You're making it sound like MMA is tougher than wrestling. It's not.

Askren seemed to think Cassar could stay healthier in MMA than wrestling because "wrestling might be the hardest thing possible on your shoulders."

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