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virginia duals isn't what it used to be

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Looks like this tournament is quickly fading in the sunset on the collegiate level - compare the 2020 national college division to 2010 placers

Virginia Duals National College Division (2020 participants)
#1 Virgina vs. Kent State
#4 Old Dominion vs. Penn
#3 Fresno State vs. Maryland
#2 Rider vs. Duke

Virginia Duals National College Division (2010 Placers)

1. Oklahoma State

 2. Lehigh  3.

Penn State  4. Oklahoma  5. Kent State 6. Virginia Tech  7. Virginia  8. Michigan

I suppose Southern Scuffle has drawn the interest but even this year it has diluted.



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They discouraged the tougher teams from coming because the mid level teams were bailing and they couldn't fill the bracket.

That was an excuse, fact is, no one wants to wrestle anyone tough unless it’s on their turf. 10-12 additional different teams said they wanted to come, then when we contacted them, they blamed Big Ten scheduling (which Maryland actually requested the date with no issues), and other things. then scheduled the same level of teams on the road OR scheduled the tough teams they complained about wrestling in the first place.


Even the power teams would rather face Sacred Heart than they would one another.


We (speaking as a longtime PWA member) invite everyone. Teams don’t want to put it on the line unless it’s on their turf. Same reason D1 National Duals participation floundered.


If Big Ten coaches want to come, they can come, they just need to request the date off. Too many blame the conference as an easy scapegoat.


I would love it to get back to 16 teams, but no one wants to get shut out by an Oklahoma State in the first round.


The tournament has evolved and adapted for the teams at the college level, that hasn’t been reciprocated by coaches who commit, then bail when it comes time to put pen to paper. It’s frustrating given the history and tradition of the event.


Scuffle and South Beach Duals have trimmed the field, compounded by the Big Ten scheduling Fri/Sun duals, and the National Duals shifting on that weekend about 12 years ago


Teams, if you want to come, come on. You can do it!

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In part to add to Jason and to ask him a question-

One reason Va Duals isn't what it was is because it isn't. At some point the National Duals evolved out of it and then moved away.

Depending on what year that happened (my question to Jason) would completely explain this.

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