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Shame on her

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Yikes, the details of Purevdorj’s case are kind of wild with the sabotage claims, although there have been claims before about political rivalries corrupting Mongolian sports, like when government officials held Mongolia out of FIBA basketball events for 4 years due to some sort of personal grudge. It’s weird.

Regarding the doping, Stzl is also used for veterinary & agricultural purposes as an appetite stimulant to increase the size of cattle and livestock. People who consume animals that have been dosed with Stzl can be passively exposed to it at detectable levels by testing agencies, so that’s another complication, albeit a somewhat far-fetched one.

However, the Asian Olympic Council also said that wrestlers accounted for something like 6 of the 10 positive doping results at the last Asian Indoor Games, and 4 Mongolian wrestlers were busted for doping at their Naadam national tournament in Dec 2017. So, not a great look for the sport.

I wonder if this will end Purevdorj’s wrestling career. I think she’ll be in her late 20s by the time the ban expires, and in her 30s during the 2024 Olympics. Also in Mongolia, accomplished wrestlers and other athletes are often awarded with military or government titles and get lavish gifts like apartments, cars and electronics. I wonder if Purevdorj got any of that (maybe it’s for men only, or maybe her resume is too short) and if it could be revoked or whatever.

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