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Marinelli vs White

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16 hours ago, jackwebster said:

This thread is sorta hilarious.Since NCAA's and the Olympics were cx'ed, I don't stop by here much. Now, I show up and people are having the same arguments they were having in 2000. What a bunch of idiots.

Well you were part of the argument 7 months ago, so I guess you’re included among the idiots?

The only reason I bumped this thread was because the spiral was mentioned in the Suriano/Fix thread (yes that was also about an old match but just trying to create some conversation during a time where there’s not much wrestling to talk about).

I maintain my previous position though.  Marinelli, Lovett and DeSanto were stalling but White wasn’t.

I think I counted 6 times that White got to his feet including when he did escape.  To answer my question from before, I didn’t see a time where Marinelli broke him down flat other than with a mat return.  And the two times I mentioned where Marinelli IMO was stalling by stretching to keep his foot in but not doing anything else, they were basically already out as the result of a mat return or takedown, so I wouldn’t really say White was “crawling out of bounds.”

I don’t think the spiral is always a stall, but in this match it most definitely was.   I think what Marinelli does here is similar to what Fix usually does with the double boots.  You’ve got the top guy putting an enormous amount of pressure on the bottom guy, so it’s not exactly easy for the bottom guy to work up, even though White was able to on several occasions.

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3 hours ago, buckeyehomer said:

do we really need more stalling calls?

Yes. I'd take it a step further though: guys who lock up and push while never taking a shot are stalling, too, but they seemingly never get called. It's a weakness in the rules.

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