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Can PSU be caught tomorrow????

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consolation semis winner gets .5 advancement. From there it is all placement and bonus points. wrestlers in consolation semis have already been awarded 6th place points.


Penn state has 5 finalists, but no one wrestling tomorrow morning.

osu 2 finalists, 4 conso-semis, 1 7th/8th

Minnesota-1 finalist, 4 conso-semis, 3 7th/8th


They would both have to have a great morning session, and a less than stellar finals by Penn State. It'd be neat if Dake-Taylor match could have impact on team title as well.

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PSU has this locked up. Bet your bottom dollar.


Is there an astronimical chance where if PSU loses all matches tomorrow and every one of their contenders gets all pin's... ummm... it won't happen.


The 2nd through 5th places are where the discussion is at. Much tighter than anyone expected coming in.

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By seeds, Penn State would be leading by 8.5 going into the finals. Oklahoma State would have the following points from the medal round:


125: 0 -no one left


133: 0 -Morrison (7) loses to Schopp(4) in the consolation semis and then to Dardanes(5) in the 5th Place Match.


141: 0 -no one left


149: 0 -Oliver in the finals


157: 5 -Dieringer takes 3rd beating Moore(12) and Pena(10)


165: 3.5 -Caldwell defeats Polz(7) in the consolation semis and loses in the 3rd Place Match to Yates(3)


174: 0 -Perry in the finals


184: 0 -no one left


197: 0 -Roshult(11) loses to Hernandez(4) in the 7th place match


285: 3.5 Gelogaev(3) defeats Thomusseit(9) and loses to Bradley(1) in the 3rd Place Match.


Obviously things don't always go according to seed and there could be bonus, but this gives some perspective. It sure seems like as long as Penn State gets one win tomorrow night, they should win.

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I'm just glad it can be a topic of conversation tonight. In the intermat pick em (where all ten of my dudes are in the finals!) tie breaker I had psu owning the team race. They've shocked me with their team performance so far. I can't believe they only have five aa's.

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