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Facundo to Penn State

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I find this interesting and now I need to do some digging.

He had said in an interview that he was thinking about freestyle success while looking for his college. He was asked if that meant as far as target weight and he said either 165 or 184 because of Olympic weights and that he wasn't sure yet but probably 184.

That was before he got ragdolled by Kennedy at 170(or 175/180-was it 5 or 10lb allowance?) and controlled by Gallagher.

Perhaps his mindset has changed as far as what weight he'll be targeting. Or perhaps he just hasn't grown as much as he thought.

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I assumed Iowa State was going to get him.

A lot of people did.

Metcalf is quite possibly the greatest high school wrestler to ever come out of Michigan and is from Davison.  His senior season he could have wrestled 145+ in any of their divisions and won easily.

Funny enough, Jon Reader could have done the same thing the following season(160+ though).

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