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Jimmy Cinnabon

Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight

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3 minutes ago, ionel said:

Sig/poster bet on your other thread title that PSU will lose to Wisc & Ohio St.

Made offer on you previous prediction couple weeks ago as well as this one, you failed to reply.

Sig bet or loser doesn't post again thru NCAA tournament, your choice.

Put up or shut up.

Sig bet.  What are the terms?

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2 minutes ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

OK, nothing profane though, meaning it has to be SFW/PG

Yep agreed.

Also at the appropriate time, let's PM on the signature to be sure is agreeable & PG.

Edited by ionel

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Just in case someone didn't see the thread earlier (now on the 2nd page) - here are the expected match-ups (please keep in mind things could change in the line-up):

#2 PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS (8-2, 5-1 B1G) vs. #4 WISCONSIN BADGERS (10-3, 3-3 B1G)

125      Brandon Meredith 11-10 vs.  Eric Barnett 16-6
133    #2 Roman Bravo-Young 14-0 vs. #1 Seth Gross  24-1 (worth the price of admission to see this match!)
141    #2 Nick Lee  14-0 vs. #7 Tristan Moran 17-2
149    Jarod Verkleeren  13-4 / Luke Gardner  6-1 vs. #15 Cole Martin 11-7
157    Bo Pipher   9-10 / Brady Berge  1-0 vs. Drew Scharenbrock 17-10
165    #1 Vincenzo Joseph  9-0 / #3 Evan Wick  25-3
174    #2 Mark Hall  16-1 vs. Jared Krattiger  7-12
184    #7 Aaron Brooks  8-1 vs. Johnny Sebastian  10-3
197    #18 Shakur Rasheed   2-3 vs. Taylor Watkins  5-13
285    #15 Seth Nevills  11-1 vs. #5 Trent Hillger  18-3 (I believe I read earlier he may not be wrestling tonight)

Edited by Marcus Cisero

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Jimmy, I am impressed with your commitment to trolling on this one! Wisconsin has a slim chance, but Penn State is a pretty heavy favorite here. I assume you know that, but I’m impressed how far you are willing to take this act. Bravo!

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