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Iowa Penn State Nationals Brakedown its a Horse Race Gents

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Will anybody let me know if Spencer Lee wrestles another match in a Hawkeye singlet after Midlands?

11 minutes ago, HokieHWT said:

Are we ignoring the fact he said Desanto TORE his MCL?! Not that I’ve been searching but was this announced?

It's been pretty much the open speculation around the interwebz at this point.  Given his hit rate recently, he's likely just guessing the same thing.

7 hours ago, Boompa said:

Because people thought Lee was taking a Oly redshirt.  No way that was going to happen.

This is incorrect.  The moment it was announced that Shakur and Cassar were getting additional years, PSU was considered a pretty heavy favorite.  Then Iowa looked great, Shakur and Conel didn't, and Cassar and Berge got hurt.  Going into the season, Penn State were big favorites on paper, Spencer Lee or no Spencer Lee.

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9 hours ago, BHawk91 said:

Does anyone actually believe that Verk can place 8th?  I think it is more likely he does not qualify than placing 8th.  I am sure he will get a wild card but I am thinking there is no way he wins his way in via the big tens.  I would also be way shocked if Sheed finishes anywhere close to 8th.  He looks like a really slow shell of himself and I doubt he wins more than 2 matches after the big tens.

To be fair, I am not sold on Murin Scoring much for Iowa this year and DeSanto is obviously the biggest wild card here.  If he is good to go then the points look about right or he might be able to score more if he is 100 percent.  If he is not then that number could go down as well.

 Completely agree.

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18 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

Funked? He got pinned with a Peterson lol literally a move 1st year wrestlers are taught ( to be fair Palacio hits it better then anyone I’ve seen) but still it was some crazy funk.

he barley beat labriola and was tied with lydy until the 3rd period, he hasn’t wrestled in a tournament of any kind in 2 years and it’s just assumed he’s going to walk past kutler and joe smith when he’s struggled at home in carver with guys that aren’t on that level .

I think you need to check your sources when it comes to 174. Earlier you said every time Kem and Kutler have wrestled Kem has won by 1 point or needed OT...when in fact they’ve never wrestled (at least not in college and they’re both 5th year seniors). Now you’re saying he’s barely beating guys who aren’t on Joe Smith’s level. This season Joe Smith has loses to guys with overall losing records and majored by Steiert...a guy who also only beat Labriola by 1 point. Who are these guys Kemerer is barely beating who aren’t on Joe Smith’s level?

Zahid also only beat a guy from Nebraska by 1 point this season so can he not be projected to make the finals?

Kem is undefeated this season and recently beat Mark Hall...but can’t be projected to make the finals because 3 years (and 2 weight classes) ago he needed OT to beat Joe Smith? Or because he only beat Lydy (who is 27-1 this season) by 4 points AT Purdue?

Extremely few people are “locks” to make the finals. This year I’d say Zahid, Spencer, and both Gable and Parris (assuming they’re on opposite sides of the bracket) are the only locks. Kem isn’t quite one of them but he’s clearly one of the 2 guys who stand on top 174. He may not be a lock but projecting him not to make the finals is a bigger stretch than projecting him in the finals. 

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