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PSU vs Ohio State Should be Close

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On 2/13/2020 at 9:25 AM, TBar1977 said:

125 Koontz over Meredith OSU 3-0

133 RBY by Major over Decatur PSU 4-3

141 Lee by Dec over Pletcher PSU 7-3

149 Sasso by Dec over Verk PSU 7-6

157 Cleary by Dec over Pipher OSU 9-7

165 Cenzo by Dec over Smith PSU 10-9

174 Hall by Dec over Romero PSU 13-9

184 Brooks by Dec over Jordan PSU 16-9

197 Moore by Dec over Rasheed PSU 16-12

Hwt Nevills by Dec over Traub PSU 19-12


You called this one remarkably close.  Good job.

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Got to say, I like that guy's guts. Wasn't afraid to go upper body on a much bigger Cassioppi. Reminded me a lot of Cenzo in the days before he beat Imar. Showed he wasn't afraid of him from the start.  Stole one from Nevills today. I'm saying it now, I think Traub is coming on and might R12 or AA.

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