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Gramma Cup/Cerro Pelado 2020

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3 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

Thanks pepe. I knew one of them had slippery mats and was pretty sure that Snyder-Salas match was during that event. 

Yea you're right, forgot about that. Still salas was 3 points away from teching him. Cant put too much stock into it but cant act like it didnt happen either. I will say that it didnt seem like they were slipping and sliding everywhere like in the Burroughs vs chamizo match. 

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Hard to say without seeing anything, but I put a bit of stock into his win over Salas, he's the real deal. (put an ultimate b!tch slap on Sadulaev before getting whipped in '14)  He's explosive.  

As far as Cuban wrestlers go, he's not quite up there yet, he's Burroughs age.  

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