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Marcus Cisero

Tom Brands Says Post-Match Antics from Austin DeSanto Need to Stop!

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10 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

"we know how you feel about women's sports"?  Say that to my wife who played 3 different sports while I was in the stands cheering her on. Who are you kidding, you couldn’t even compete in women’s sports, you miserable little man.

Oh, so its just women's wrestling that we shouldnt allow. Gotchya.

11 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

FYI – it was really fun watching you bounce back and forth to the other forum with your “hot off the press” news.

Burn? Haha. Couldnt talk about it here, so I went and talked about it somewhere I could. I guess you got me, but Im not sure what for. 

13 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

Do me a favor brusselsprout; please do not engage me unless you have something of value related to the sport of wrestling.

I do though. I think its worth noting every time you take a moral high ground that  this is also the guy who called our female wrestlers men, and thinks womens wrestling is going to be the death of wrestling because of biology or the bible or something.

If you have someone that is taking the positions that you do on Desanto or whatever. Its most certainly worth addressing the fact that this guy is also a sexist so really has no leg to stand on.

17 minutes ago, Marcus Cisero said:

Now get back to mending your dress - and fix your wig for crying out loud, it’s still crooked (like you).

Burn?!? Haha you try so hard Marcus. Yet when I call you out for being an open and aggressive sexist on this forum,  the best thing you can think of is try to insult me by calling me a woman, as if its such a put down. How do you miss the irony?

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