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NCAA D3 Team Race

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16 hours ago, Cptafw164 said:

I am pretty sure it was his hamstring.  I saw an interview and he went through the history leading to being 26 and wrestling in college.  As a wrestler and judoka, I can say that shoulder problems are magnified worse in judo than wrestling.  Specifically to get your opponent off balance by pulling your opponents sleeve, parallel to the floor, that really puts a strain on the AC joint and labrum.  You do that movemnt hundreds of times in practice.  

The interview is on his bio page:  He is also a JR!


Good interview, thanks for sharing that!!!

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18 hours ago, Gantry said:

Thanks for that, I'm pretty sure he had a bad shoulder injury in high school and missed a postseason because of it - but that was awhile ago so I'm probably misremembering. 

Nope, you are right. It was Max's junior year (I was helping out at Lane that year, having coached there some years prior to that) and he made the finals of the Lincoln tournament against Joey Kielbasa from Crystal Lake (I believe). Both were returning state champs and met in the finals at 145, I believe. Either way, when on top, Kielbasa kept throwing in the boots and going power half on the shoulder where Max was wearing a brace from an injury that happened the previous summer. Max, after a lot of injury time during that match, ended up being pinned by Kielbasa, I believe. Long story short, Max re-tore his labrum in that shoulder during that match and was out the rest of his junior season, except for Regionals. He wrestled there to help Lane win and go on to team sectionals.

College was 100% the hamstring when he was at Cal Poly.

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