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Wrestlers who earned AQ slots, but will need an at-large bid

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On 3/10/2020 at 3:41 AM, rpbobcat said:

So,if I understand correctly.

A conference has 2 Aq's at 125.

The number 1 seed finishes 4th.

He would need an at large .


Yes he would.  It would be interesting if the #1 or #2 seed was not one of the two AQs, or does not meet criteria for an at-large bid.  As an example, Kyle Snyder was the #2 seed for the 2016 B1G tourney with a 3-0 record.  Had he taken an injury in his first match and defaulted out of the tourney, he would not have been extended at at-large.

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22 hours ago, ugarte said:

The Ivy League is canceling all spring sports; individual schools get to decide on what to do about winter sports for athletes/teams that make the postseason. Harvard already announced that they aren't going to play in the conference QF in hockey. I assume they aren't going to send anyone to Minneapolis, which opens up a few spots for alternates (Slavikouski is the only one I remember off the top of my head).

The Patriot League has followed suit.  Harvard will not participate in the NCAAs; Philip Conigliaro at 165 is their other qualifier.

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