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Big 10 Finals Thread.

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28 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

I thought that was 2 on the danger rule, but the ref announced confirmed, not stands. I wonder if there was another video that showed more?

Either way, Lugo has outwrestled Sasso for the majority of both matches and now has the only clean offensive points. Great job Pat, he's really upped his game since coming to Iowa.

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True. Despite the call Sasso got taken down first period and couldn’t get out. He outrides Lugo the second period but to no avail. Third period he didn’t get it done. Almost. Not quite. 

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2 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:

I hate saying this, but the Iowa plan worked in that match. Wait until late and THEN strike. That was the conventional wisdom, and it worked.


Not sure that's totally accurate. He attacked from the opening whistle. It just took a long time to wear Cenzo down to the point he could finish. 

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1 minute ago, BigTimeFan said:

It’s pretty amazing that Cenzo has never and will never win a Big Ten title. 

That is pretty nuts.  They just said Mark Hall was a two time B10 champ, who did he lose to?

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