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Spencer Lee is the clear and obvious Hodge front runner

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2 hours ago, Mphillips said:

Sr. vs Jr.  If Moore gets to wrestle and win it, I believe it's his.  Spencer gets it next season...

Moore wasn’t even in the conversation until all the other front runners were taken out by losses or other reasons. 

for that reason alone it is Spencer’s to lose. 

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On 3/11/2020 at 8:41 PM, pamela said:

I agree with everything you said and think Spencer Lee has been killing it, as usual,  but I just don’t think the committee will give the award to him with just 23 matches for the season. That’s well below the median (32) and 18% fewer matches than the Hodge winner with the least # of matches (28, Zain) who is already a bit of an outlier. Lee I believe would also have to bonus his way through the tournament to finish with a bonus rate above Retherford’s.

IMO Kollin Moore will be favored if he finishes at 32-0 with a ~75% bonus rate, or maybe a 1-loss guy like Hall or Pletcher who could end up at 29-1 and 31-1, respectively. If Glory beats Lee and wins 125 at 29-0 for the season, he’d likely be in the discussion as well.

Dan Hodge averaged only 15.3 per year. I think it makes no difference. 

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