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Why not award by seed?

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23 hours ago, BLT said:

They don't wrestle and beat everyone in the tournament anyway. I got no problem with the guys ranked #1 being called champs. 

Lee a no brainer.

Rivera just beat the other best guys.

Pletcher just won #1 vs #2

Lugo just won #1 vs #2

Dieken has beaten the others.

Marinelli just won #1 vs #2

Hall just won #1 vs #2. 

184- only weight not real clear.

Moore has clearly been the best.

Steveson just won #1 vs #2.

 I naturally assumed that Russelscout’s point was idiotic due to the source, but You make a Hell of an argument

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7 hours ago, ptz305 said:

The seeding committee sat down with a goal of identifying the top wrestlers in the country in each weight class based on who earned which position based upon their performance during the regular season. One could argue that this is even more legit than how football and basketball All-Americans are determined, which is by the media. I see this as the equivalent of the "coaches poll" in other sports. 

College football awarded a national champion without a tournament for 100+ years. I can see how you can argue that we should not award individual national championships, but Iowa is as deserving of the team title as any of these football programs. 


I agree with you based as last resort 

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On 3/12/2020 at 4:26 PM, MadMardigain said:

Just postpone it a month (hoping this starts to pass) and shrink the field by half.  Hate to say that but it would hopefully get the event done easier and still crown the most likely AAs.  The rest can still at least call themselves qualifiers.  

This is a great idea, they could run the tournament in one day! KUDOS @MadMarge! Unfortunately, it will never happen :(

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On 3/12/2020 at 5:13 PM, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

There's nothing to award.  "Top Seed @ 197 pounds" isn't a real thing.  They can still award the Hodge, Gorrian, Most Dominant, etc.

Tom Brands surely wins Coach of the Year.

It's Gorriaran, not Gorrian.  And you can't award it this year because it's presented to the wrestler who records the most pins in the least amount of time at the NCAA tournament.

That said, the rest of your post is correct.

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Haven't read the thread but you don't award by seed. The reason why can be found in last years national championship. Drew Foster (the 6 seed) and Mekhi Lewis (8 Seed) both took 1st. The matches are wrestled for a reason. Any other way of doing it would be absolutely idiotic (no offense, not an insult towards you).

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On 3/12/2020 at 5:20 PM, russelscout said:

They are the champs. IT was a year of wrestling that got those seeds. People aren't randomly placed in those positions.

Sorry, but they're not the champs.  They're just the guys that were seeded # 1 for the tournament.  Last year there were six wrestlers seeded # 1 who were unsuccessful in winning the championship.

  • Rivera was the # 1 seed at 125, but # 3 seed Lee won the national championship.
  • Fix was the # 1 seed at 133, but # 3 seed Suriano won the national championship.
  • Marinelli was the # 1 seed at 165, but # 8 seed Lewis won the national championship..
  • Hall was the # 1 seed at 174, but # 3 seed Valencia won the national championship.
  • Martin was the # 1 seed at 184, but # 6 seed Foster won the national championship.
  • White was the # 1 seed at 285, but # 2 seed Cassar won the national championship. 

Also, back In 1943, 1944 and 1945 the NCAAs were cancelled (due to WW II).  That resulted in no individual or team champions being crowned for those years.  And, unfortunately, we have the same circumstances in 2020.

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