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On 3/22/2020 at 8:37 AM, 1032004 said:

Just watched the documentary “Junkyard Dogs” on Amazon Prime about the wrestling team at some rich Cali prep school coached by former ASU AA Gary Bairos.  He filmed it and it was from his POV which was pretty cool. I enjoyed it.

Also watched “Philly Kid” which came up as a suggestion when I was looking for wrestling movies, but it was more about cage fighting (but the main character supposedly used to be a wrestler).  Wasn’t a bad movie though.


Stumbled upon the movie "Warrior" on Amazon Prime yesterday.   Not really a believable story but not bad - again moreso about MMA but has a few seconds of wrestling clips/discussion.   Kurt Angle is in it.

Going back to a previous discussion, FRL was talking about Reversal a few weeks back and about how bad it was.   Never realized the guy who played Thurman Ellis was Justin Spates, 2x PA champ, son of Jack Spates who coached Cornell and Oklahoma, and brother of Jeremy Spates a 2x AA for Mizzou and head coach at SIUE.

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On 4/13/2020 at 4:42 AM, 1032004 said:

Scrolling through Disney+, I saw there was apparently a Disney TV movie from the 2000’s about wrestling called “Going to the Mat.”  Wayne Brady is in it apparently

i have it on vhs somewhere. Recorded when it was on tv back in like 2004ish. It stars Andrew Lawrence brother or Joey and Matthew Lawrence as a blind high school kid who takes up wrestling. Learns how to wrestle from his girlfriend who is the coaches daughter through ballroom dancing moves. Very silly, light hearted movie in typical 2000s disney fashion.

Heres the full movie on Youtube


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