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Pick the outstanding wrestler of these two

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Four matches in the tournament.

Wrestler 1 (seeded #3):

Match 1 (unseeded):  12-1 MD, 3:34 RT (gave up escape)

Match 2 (#6 seed):  9-0 MD, 3:06 RT

Match 3 (#2 seed):  8-2, -:19 RT (gave up reverse)

Final (#1 seed):  7-0, 3:02 RT

Wrestler 2 (seeded #2):

Match 1 (unseeded):  16-1 TF @4:36, 3:16 RT at the time (gave up escape)

Match 2 (#7 seed):  Fall @ 1:28,  1:22 RT at the time

Match 3 (#6 seed):  6-1, 4:07 RT (gave up a penalty point)

Final (#5 seed who beat #1 seed):  11-0 MD, 4:53 RT

Wrestler 2 was either neutral or on top the entire tournament:  nobody with a choice took down for obvious reasons. 13:38 RT in 20:04 of wrestling.

(yes, I'm bored)

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30 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

Guess I should have figured it was a Cornell guy (Darmstadt) not getting it in favor of another school (Humphreys).

Darmstadt didn’t have to beat any top ~15 guys to win.   Humphreys beat 2.

The #1 guy couldn't make it to the finals, and perhaps the seeding of Humphreys was wrong.  Is that Darmstadt's fault?  Who was more dominant in the matches they actually had?

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