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Archive Match of the Day: 1989 World Championships John Smith (USA) v/s Gary Bohay (CAN)

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19 hours ago, Gantry said:

Such great finishing technique by Smith, goodness.   Was Bohay born in Canada?   Most of their world level men's freestyle medalists grew up somewhere else. 

He was born in Canada. Apparently a doctor down in AZ right now too. Went to ASU where he was an AA in 83'.

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Gary Bohay grew up in Southern California. He went to Fountain Valley HS and wrestled his freshman and sophomore years at UCLA, after which they dropped the program in 1980. He subsequently transferred to Arizona State and wrestled for the great Bobby Douglas. He was arguably favored to win the NCAAs in 1981 @ 126lbs but completely blew out his knee in the PAC12 championships that year. Dan Cuestas (whom Bohay had beaten twice that year) won the NCAAs that year and in 1982, while Bohay recovered from a complete reconstruction of his knee. 

In 1983 Bohay returned to ASU lineup and made the NCAA finals at 126 but lost a 5-2 decision to Iowa's Barry Davis, who had moved up from 118. 

He had dual US/Canadian citizenship and wrestled on numerous Canadian world teams. He was in Med School when he wrestled John Smith in the World finals.

Gary is currently a internal medicine physician in Tuscon, AZ.

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