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All 2000's team scientific method

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I'd be curious to see if anyone can put together an all 2000's team using a rules based approach. 


Points are assigned to career placings, if you pick an athlete for a weight other than their senoir year future placings are worth half points.  Example: 

1st - 10 points

2nd - 9

3rd - 8

4th - 7


Freshman Dake would have 25 points (10 for the year he won and 3 half 10's for future years) where senior Dake would have 40 points.  


125 - Stephen Abas 37 points  - Nico 36, Nickerson 34 Haze 33 Angel Escobedo 31

133 - Johnny Thompson 37 points Eric Juegens 36 Cory Clark 34 Nahshon 33

141- SR Stieber 40 points Teyon Ware 34

149 - SR Zain 36 points 

157 - SR Jason Nolf 39 points 

165 - SR Dake 40 points Dierenger 38 Talyor 38 Oliver 37 Mark Perry 37 Joe Hesket 37 Hendricks 36

174 - SR Ben Askren 38 Points Andrew Howe 36

*184 - Ed Ruth 38 Dean 37 Points Herbert 37 

197 - SR Cael Sanderson 40 points SR Bo Nickal 39 points Jden 36 Varner 38 Rosholt 38

285 - SR Synder 39 points Konrad 36 Mocco 38 Gwiz 32


I filled in the easy ones.


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I don't think the asterisk is necessary.  Also using actual placement points(without bonus) may be better.


Add in R12 as 2 and NQ as 1 and you've got a nice little formula.

@NJDan does something similar.

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Good call - Ruth would top Dean. I like NHS67's point system but don't want to go back and redo it.  It's easy to get jaded with so many people coming back in the high 30s but you take guys like Burroughs coming in at 28, Mcdonough 29, Ramos 27, Delgado 24, Gilman 24, Valenti 26.  Incredible how many guys didn't have one "bad" season

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