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Interview with Hassan Rahimi

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Interview with Hassan Rahimi, I only translated the portions that might interest the members of this forum

Rahimi: Olympic delay helps those recovering from injuries and hurts the lightweights

Former national team member said the Olympic delay will help Hassan Yazdani and Alireza Karimi



Sportsnews:  We caught up with Hassan Rahimi the four time Olympic, World and Asia Medalist while he was busy distributing supplies to the needy in South Tehran.

Has Corona virus impacted you economically and in your private life?

The virus, of course, has impacted everyone, and I am just as impacted as others.  There is not enough money in wrestling to make you wealthy to the point that you don't have to worry about retirement, but fortunately, I have enough and I am not in need yet.

Do you work with any other Charitable foundations besides the ImamAli foundation?

No, I only with the Imamali Foundation which is managed by Rasoul Khadem

Does the one year delay in the olympics help or hurt the chances of our national team wrestlers?

You cannot give one general answer for all of our FS and GR wrestlers.  For instance, Hassan Yazdani was forced to have surgery; the additional year gives him time to recover, and also get more confident about his recovery.  Also, the delay allowed Ali Reza Karimi to have surgery and have time to recover in time for the olympics.  It's a different story for the lightweights, wrestlers like Reza Attri who have to maintain thier weight for one more weight will be hurt and will suffer.

Have you been invited to join the national team coaching staff?

No, but if I receive such an offer, I will definitely consider it


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