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top wrestling families

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42 minutes ago, Billyhoyle said:

Banach, Smith, Batirov

Who were the notable wrestlers in the Khadem and Mohebbi families?

Did John Smith have a notable relative?  Please educate me


  • The father had a world silver medal 
  • The older son, amir reza had a world champion gold, an olympic gold, and a few world bronzes
  • Rasul, had olympic gold, two world championships, and an olympic bronze


  • The past generation had two brothers who each had a silver world championship
  • The new generation is work in progress, but one of the won gold in the Asian championships


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10 minutes ago, mspart said:

I wish me and my brother could be added to the list.  Alas....


Perhaps you sons and nephews?  your grandkids?

I think if I had married a really good wrestler like Patricia Miranda, and her genes were able to negate mine, my kids might have a shot

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