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2005 NCAA Champions

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2005 NCAA Champions


http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=2005 NCAA Champions

Takin' it back to the NCAA champions and medalists of 2005!

This class includes NJ legends Joe Dubuque, Zack Esposito, and Steve Mocco!

2005 NCAA Champions

125 - Joe Dubuque, Indiana
133 - Travis Lee, Cornell
141 - Teyon Ware, Oklahoma
149 - Zack Esposito, Oklahoma State
157 - Ryan Bertin, Michigan
165 - Johny Hendricks, Oklahoma State
174 - Chris Pendleton, Oklahoma State
184 - Greg Jones, West Virginia
197 - Jake Rosholt, Oklahoma State
285 - Steve Mocco, Oklahoma State

Check out all the medalists!


If anyone has the champions picture from another year, you can email it to support@jerseywrestling.com, and it will be added to the website!


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11 hours ago, Coachp said:

Didn't Hendricks get pinned in the finals that year?

He actually controlled Churella rather well in the semis that year.  Churella was the 2 seed and Hendricks the 3.  In fact, Hendricks had a really strong tournament pretty much dominating into the semis and then 2 controlling wins over Churella and Perry. 

The bigger part of that bracket was a freshman Perry knocking off Letter 3-0.  Letters was undefeated and was dominant during the season similar to a Retherford season.  Perry did a great job in the 1st of slowing Letters down.  He got to his leg multiple times and used up a ton of time holding on.  But, I think the 2nd period was the kill shot.  Letters had no answer for Perry's ride. After about 30 seconds of a hard double leg ride, Letters sat back into a Perry's crab ride right off the restart and Perry was able to hold him long enough with a half to get a 5 count.  After that, Letters was fully out of it mentally.  It may have been the most masterful match I have seen Perry wrestle!

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On 7/15/2020 at 8:31 AM, NJDan said:

OK State had five champs. Is this the most ever or tied for the most?

In D1 yes.   Overall Central Oklahoma had 6 one year, but I think that was when they were NAIA.  Might have been first or 2nd year in DII.

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