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Dake-Taylor observations (long read)

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Then you believe they have the exact same chances of...


Whether you mean to nit pick or not - you are.

No, having the same skill level (as I defined it) doesn't mean they have the exact same chance to do all those things you listed - it is just one variable. They still have to have a good training environment, match-up against opponents, be lucky, etc, etc, etc, etc.


Dake has the edge head to head is what I said. Skill level can be equal and style match-ups can dictate who is better head to head...


Lets just let it rest it's getting exhausting now.


Okay. But why do you think that Dake has the edge if they are "exactly" the same in the skill department?


Now I think you are just f**king with me!


Dake has the edge head to head - I said already that I think this comes down to a style/match up problem, not because one guys is just on a different level (for example Taylor vs Caldwell.)

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Based off the logic that I'm seeing in regard to the escape on the edge... one could also argue that Taylor's momentum was taken when Dake challenged the call causing a stoppage in the match with Taylor riding high emotions. Bottom line is that in folk, Dake is undefeated against Taylor this season and no one could rationally disagree with the actual results despite how close each contest was. Dake found ways to win and Taylor didn't.


There are many different aspects that go into a match with two opponents so closely matched. I feel that they have mostly been covered from the many other pages posted on this topic. Both are great wrestlers and I look forward to them competing in freestyle only making our country deeper in regard to the talent pool. I believe both are quite a bit behind JB currently. Furthermore, with the way he has been performing might not ever catch him... the Europeans sure havent found a way to crack the code.

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