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Rofkin - can some explain it for a consumer?

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4 hours ago, fadzaev2 said:

I emailed to the above email address....we'll see if and how long it takes to get a response...may not be a big deal.  I had an issue with my card right before Rokfin tried to take my payment....and Discover and I decided to close the account and open a new one.   Before I could put the new card into play, Rokfin's attempt to take my payment was rejected.  I got a message from them, and I responded, explained and put my new card on my account.  But in the process, I then got charged on Nov. 24 and Nov. 26.....my earlier charges were on the 19th of Sept. and Oct.  So it looks like I got charged twice.  Hopefully, we straighten this out soon.  Fadz


SEE......this is why I didn't want to start a separate thread and make  a rant out of this......I got a response this morning, and there was confusion, maybe on my part, as somehow I was charged to both of the email addresses I have....normally I only use the one.  Issue was looked into and is supposed to be corrected on my account.  Hopefully problem solved/easy fix.

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1 hour ago, russling said:

I saw a Rokfin wrestling promo for Wednesday Jan 20th Underground 3. One of the matches is Amos V Dudley. Any insight on this match? Amos was one of the top HSers and is a RS Wisconsin? 

I believe the match has been changed to CJ Brucki, not Dudley.


Also Amos is not on redshirt.  He is on deferred enrollment.  He is currently not enrolled this year, so he could redshirt next year, still.

I was hoping he would enroll here in the 2nd semester, but it doesn't look likely.  For those wondering, classes for Wisconsin start this next Monday, 1/25/21.  If he is to enroll it needs to be before then.

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Also, Brucki has spent much of his senior career at 79 kilos and prior to all these 'pro cards' was in coach mode.  I expect Amos to demolish him with relative ease.  I thought the Dudley match would be competitive.

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