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If I were Gabe Dean....

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1 hour ago, Billyhoyle said:

Yes, I view Taylor as a class above the rest of the field in the US and Dean on the level of guys like Zahid/Dieringer/Martin. That’s not a knock on Dean but rather my opinion of just how good DT is.


 Wrestling somebody close and losing in an exhibition match doesn’t change that-beating DT or getting some equally elite international wins would though. Nick Marable used to wrestle JB close and even beat him once, but was never on his level (by my definition). I think the gap between DT and Dean is probably larger than the gap between what Marable and JB used to be. 

Good argument, particularly the Marable point, although I ultimately still think it's a legit possibility that Dean will be at Taylor's level.

Dean was a monster in college, beat Ed Ruth as a freshman and lost a competitive rematch at NCAAs, then won the two titles, then wasn't himself in his last final as he had lost the motivation that led to his retirement. 

Since he's returned, he's training with Dake, won a tournament,  blew a big lead by pinning himself, and had a match with Taylor that came down to a scramble. It's very limited evidence, but it suggests he could be special here as he was in folkstyle.  

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11 hours ago, wrestlingnerd said:

I think Zahid has a legit shot if he stops partying and gets in shape. I see Nickal getting big brothered. 

Nickal could medal at 86kg at the Olympics I think. I also think Zahid beats him 9/10, and Taylor beats Zahid 7/10

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