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BTN TV schedule

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Big Ten Wrestling schedule isn't set yet. many coaches thought they would have them last week. i'm sure it won't be long now. (it really can't haha).

but from everything i hear from the coaches, their first two dates have been scratched. they'll start jan 15th ish. 

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It's the Big 10, and they have Keven Warren, so if like football, you will see them make poor decisions, and they will announce them late, and will appear to be the most screwed up, poorly run, and inept conference in America,... oh and dont forget that all the while, a pantyweight liberal political agenda will be front and center.

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2021 BTN Wrestling Schedule


http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=2021 BTN Wrestling Schedule

Check out the television schedule for the 2021 B10 wrestling season!

BTN+ will carry over 25 matches. A portion of those streamed events will be televised on delay on BTN as part of the Student U initiative.

All televised matches and The B1G Story can be streamed exclusively on the FOX Sports app.

Check out the full story!


Check out all NCAA medalists from last season!



Like and follow us on Facebook!

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