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PAC 12 wrestling this weekend

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Jan 2 (Sat) 12:00 PM MT
vs Little Rock
Tempe, AZ
TV: ASU Live Stream



Jan 3 (Sun) Fresno R.R. Invitational - Begins at 11 a.m. PT
vs. Fresno State @ San Luis Obispo, CA.
vs. Utah Valley @ San Luis Obispo, CA



North Dakota State University
Jan 3 (Sun) 8:00 AM PT
vs North Dakota State
Fargo, ND

South Dakota State University
Jan 3 (Sun) 10:00 AM PT
South Dakota State
Fargo, ND

University of Missouri
Jan 3 (Sun) 12:00 PM PT
Fargo, ND

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1 hour ago, nhs67 said:

I am very much looking forward to that Missouri-Oregon State dual.

Also I wouldn't be surprised to see an upset or two in the Little Rock-Arizona State dual.  A few of the LR gents earned a fan out of me at the last WRTC Rokfin event.

Absolutely! Go Beavs! 


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4 minutes ago, Swayz said:

I didn't think any sport was allowed to be hosted in California because of the governor....

That changed in September when Newsome "clarified" the regulations. They had college football - however toward the end a lot of them were getting cancelled. It also depends upon the county as well. 

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Fresno State also has it listed as taking place AT Cal Poly in an article dated Dec. 19, 2020 and on their wrestling schedule:



I think what you may be referring to here is the ban in the greater Oakland/San Francisco area.   Cal Poly S.L.O. is quite a ways from there.  About 225 miles or thereabouts.

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From Arizona State's wrestling webpage regarding today's noon MT dual vs Little Rock:


"Following the scheduled dual meet, there will be approximately 18 extra individual matches. Due to the unusual schedule this season, the teams agreed to additional matches with the goal to help individual wrestlers reach the minimum amount of matches needed to participate in and/or qualify for the 2021 NCAA Tournament."


Little Rock Arkansas v. #10 Arizona State

125: Jayden Carson vs. #7 Brandon Courtney

133: Paul Bianchi vs. #8 Michael McGee

141: Conor Ward vs. #32 Peter Lipari

149: Kyle Prewitt vs. Cory Crooks

157: Noah Aziere vs. #7 Jacori Teemer

165: Alex Hernandez vs. #5 Anthony Valencia

174: Tristan Wills vs. Zane Coleman

184: Zane Davis vs. Cade Belshay

197: Dylan Johnson vs. #6 Kordell Norfleet

HWT: Gabe Beyer vs. #12 Cohlton Schultz

^OpenMat Rankings

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