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Oregon State BARELY beat Cal Poly yesterday

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I say BARELY because the final team score was 23-17 and three of the ten matches were decided by 1 or 2 points.    If Cal Poly had won two of those three very close matches Cal Poly would have been the winner yesterday.  Personally I think it has more to do with the steady (five years) improvement that the Cal Poly head coach has been making.   Kudos to him and his staff on making that improvement. 

One of the most entertaining matches yesterday was watching the 6' 7" tall Trevor Tinker confound # 29 ranked J. J. Dixon repeatedly.  Dixon was lucky to come away with the win in that match as I think Tinker just wore out in the 3rd period.   It's not often you get to see a wrestler who isn't a heavyweight who stands 6' 7" tall.   Hell it's not often you get to see ANY wrestler who is 6' 7" tall for that matter.

If you didn't watch this dual yesterday (online) you missed some good wrestling matches at 125 lbs, 133 lbs (it was closer than the final score would indicate) and at 141 (same) and at 165, 184 and 197 lbs.

Oregon State (23) at Cal Poly (17):
125 -- Brandon Kaylor (OSU) dec. Antonio Lorenzo (CP) 10-6
133 -- No. 19 Devan Turner (OSU) maj. dec. Adam Jacob (CP) 10-2
141 -- No. 19 Grant Willits (OSU) dec. Lawrence Saenz (CP) 12-5
149 -- Legend Lamer (CP) tech. fall Riley Gurr (OSU) 16-0, 2:37
157 -- No. 19 Hunter Willits (OSU) maj. dec. Brawley Lamer (CP) 10-2
165 -- Aaron Olmos (OSU) dec. Adam Kemp (CP) 6-4 SV-1
174 -- Bernie Truax (CP) pinned Colton Beisley (OSU) 1:05
184 -- Ryan Reyes (OSU) dec. Dylan Miracle (CP) 4-2
197 -- No. 29 J.J. Dixon (OSU) dec. Trevor Tinker (CP) 6-5
285 -- Samuel Aguilar (CP) pinned Hayden Still (OSU) 2:27

133 -- Jason Shaner (OSU) dec. Adam Jacob (CP) 6-1
149 -- Lane Stigall (OSU) dec. Logan Gioffre (CP) 5-2
184 -- Jackson McKinney (OSU) dec. William Kloster (CP) 10-3

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Also another thing worth noting is 4 of the 10 starters for Cal Poly in the dual vs Oregon State were Freshmen.  Two true Freshmen straight out of H.S. (Adam Jacob & Trevor Tinker) and two R.S. Freshmen (Legend Lamer and Antonio Lorenzo).

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Bronco - the only match you forgot to mention that OSU should have lost was 157 - Can you slant that one as well and let us know how Willits should have lost? It really SHOULD have been 40-0 CP. 

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1 hour ago, OR said:

Anyone know why Colt Doyle hasn't been in the lineup for the Beavers?

That has been a mystery. I assumed it's injury related. I know everyone was excited for his senior campaign before the season started. Hoping he can get back on the mat this year. 

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