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2021 Henri Deglane Mens Freestyle

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Damn, didn't see Dake was up.  

Green vs Bayramov - AZE

1st - hand fighting.  Bayra on clock.  Green with heavy hands, Down chops.  Barya back to center.  Green has 1 now.  Green warned.  14 sec left in first.  Neither guy interested in doing anything in last seconds of first.  AZE like throwbys, Green defens.  Green in on leg but AZE slips out.  Green goes and Bayra circles.  Green on leg again.  But can't do anything with it.  Neutral.  Bayra warned again.  Appropriate!  On clock again.  I really though they were going to put Green on the clock which was BS.  Very glad to see this.  Green is the one going in.  And he is in again.  Has lower leg but again can't do anything.  But he gets the 1 pt for AZE passivity. Green in again.  Whizzer again.  Green is immobilized.  Not a good look.

34 sec to go  AZE goes but Green doges.  Gets behind, kind of ... no.  seatbelt with AZE on the whizzer.  6 sec.  Green flees. Warned.  1.4 sec .. Done.  Green wins 2-0.

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Yianni up.  V Khinch GEO

Long low shot and reach from Yianni and is able to keep Kinch on feet and push out.  1-0.  Yianni goes again ... pushout? No, says grounded.  mmmmm, not sure.  Warning GEO.  GEO goes, Yianni slips away.  Yianni with straight on low shots.  Not crazy about them.  GEO backs out again and no point again.  Seems like it would be called sometimes.  GEO is on clock now.  Big scramble partly obscured.  GEO goes for a hold, Yianni screws it up with weird hold.  GEO goes for throw.  Couldn't quite tell what happened.  4 given to Yianni.  Need to see replay.  Then Yianni drives GEO out for 6-0 score.  Challenge Brick.  Not showing the review though.

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Long review .. Challenge lost!  8-0 Yianni?  Huh?  OK, let's go.  End of first period.

Crowd is not happy.  Lots of whistles and yells of anger. Ref seems to be trying to calm the GEO corner down.

Yianni in on double.  Kinch pulls him over.  Yianni going for turns.  4 given to Yianni.  Whistles from crowd.  Now score 11-2.  13-2 Yianni.  Confusion.  Loud calls from crowd.

Yianni wins 13-2

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