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1st time AA in 2014?

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Juniors and Seniors who have yet to be mentioned.....


Lee Munster junior of Northwestern

Freshman credentials - 2nd @ EMU, 2nd @ MSU, 2nd at Keystone, Champion @ Midlands, 4th @ BIG 10's

Sophomore credentials - 5th @ Midlands, WC @ BIG 10's


Notable Career Victories

6-5 Nick Purdue (multiple time NCAA qualifier)

3-1 Tanner Weatherman (2013 NCAA R12)

4-1 s.v. Nick Heflin (2X NCAA All American)

8-2 Ethan Headlee (2012 NCAA R12)

5-3 John Martin Cannon (Multiple time NCAA qualifier)

5-4 Dan Yates (another guy on the list!)






Dan Yates senior of Michigan

Freshman Credentials - 8th @ CKLV, 5th @ BIG 10

sophomore credentials - 7th @ BIG 10

junior credentials - 2nd at CKLV, 6th at BIG 10


Notable wins

Pinned Conrad Polz (2 time NCAA All American)

5-2 John Martin Cannon (Multiple time NCAA qualifier)

9-2, 4-2, Kyle Blevins (4th at NCAA)

4-1 Zach Toal (who many including myself also belongs on the list)

7-2 Cody Yohn (7th at NCAA)

3-2 Mark Lewandowski ( MAC champion)

3-2 Logan Storley (2 time All American)



Jacob Swartz senior of Boise State

Freshman credentials - 6th @ CKLV, 2nd @ RENO, WC @ PAC 12

Sophomore credentials - Champion @ PAC 12

junior credentials - 4th at CKLV, Champion at RENO, Champion @ PAC, R12 @ NCAA


Notable wins

6-4 S.V. Jordan Blanton (3 Time All American)

4-3 Bradon Atwood (Also on this list)



Eric Grajales senior of Michigan The Winner of this list!!

Freshman credentials - 2nd @ BIG 10, R12 @ NCAA

sophomore credentials - 3rd @ BIG 10, R12 @ NCAA

junior credentials - 6th @ Midlands, 7th @ BIG 10


Notable wins

Pinned 2X Brandon Rader (2 time All American)

3-2, 11-5 Andrew Nadhir (6th NCAA)

7-4 Kirt Kinser (4 time NCAA qualifier)

4-3 Joey Napoli (EIWA champion)

Pinned Josh Kriemier (WWC champion)

4-1 Nick Brascetta (8th NCAA)

5-1 Taylor Walsh (Also on this list)

9-1 Cole Von Ohlen (3 time NCAA R12)

5-3 Steve Santos (3rd NCAA)

6-1 Andrew Alton (As do many, feel should be on list)

6-4 Scott Sakaguchi (2 time All American)

10-6 Ivan Loupanchansk ( 7th NCAA)

3-2 Jake Sueflohn ( another on the list)

8-4 Josh Wilson (WWC champion)




Don't have time to state all of the credentials and wins of the rest on my list, but here are the names.


Andrew Campolattano junior Ohio State

David Habat junior Edinboro

Josh Demas junior Ohio State

Taylor Walsh junior Indiana

Braden Atwood junior Purdue

Adam Chalfant senior Indiana

Nick Soto junior Tennessee Chattanooga

Levi Wolfensperger junior Northern Iowa

Steve Monk Senior North Dakota State

Chris Villalonga junior Cornell

Josh Kreimier senior Air Force


and to keep Ban Basketball off of my back I'll throw Joey Lazor senior Northern Iowa on the list as well.


As always I'm sure I'm forgetting someone or two.

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