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Stopping/Countering Low Level Shots

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I have a wrestler that has developed to one of the better guys in his weight class in the state. However, the one part of his game that seems to get exposed against top guys or those that scout him is the inability to stop/counter low ankle shots. He can drop down to a knee to stop it for brief amounts of time, but doesn't feel comfortable enough to mount his own attack from there. We have also worked with him on scrambling out of the position, but his short stature makes it hard for him to get to certain scramble positions. Any advice in stopping/countering these low shots would be greatly appreciated.

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What weight class? Is he a big slow guy or is he agile enough to move around.


Stance - if you know the low shots are coming, you need to get low. You can even put one hand down on the ground in sort of a football stance. see Klye Dake




if opponent has your leg but is still in front - you can still bend at the waist and lock around his crotch, etc. to make it very difficult for him to finish.


if opponent has your leg and is low and sweeping around to the outside -a number of counters:

a) put your hand on the back of his head and put your weight on him making it difficult for him to finish

b) ankle whizzer

c) ankle whizzer to tilt/roll

d) high leg over his back and crotch lift

e) kick out

f) spin towards the back, freeing your leg and getting the 2

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