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If you look at the team scoring, it’s obvious that bonus points enabled PSU to win - no surprise here.

PSU wrestled 8 less total bouts than OK ST and 18 less than MINN but had a much higher pin ratio

Without their 10 falls PSU falls back to 3rd, in fact if they pin at the same rate as OK ST or MINN they still do not win

MINN could have capitalized by pinning a few more guys in their excellent wrestle back rounds since that is where the majority of falls occurred (44 of 74, almost 60%)

    Team Score Pins   W/L BOUTS
 1. PSU   123.5 10   31-13 44
 2. OKST  119.5  4   38-14 52
 3. MINN  103.0  6   43-19 62
 4. IOWA   73.0  4   27-16 43
 5. CORN   65.0  2
 6. tOSU   59.5  3
 7. MISS   56.5  2
 8. ORST   48.5  4
 9. ILL    45.5  -
10. VTECH  43.5  2

David Taylor alone, had as many or more falls than 8 of the other 9 top 10 teams

In fact only one 165 pounder had a fall (actually 4) in the championship side of the 165 bracket this year

the same guy did the same thing last year

Taylor's prolific scoring in the NCAA tourney these past 2 years is pretty amazing

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OK ST had 4 guys who won 5 bouts each but had no falls


These guys had 20 wins, 3 losses, 8 majors and 12 decisions


If these 4 guys had added just 3 or 4 pins in those 20 wins - they probably win the team title


Not saying these guys did not do a great job


Just pointing out how big the points from pinning are - and a big factor in PSU's win

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