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Ferrari Predictions

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21 hours ago, hammerlockthree said:

Social media nonsense aside, how's he gonna do?

Obviously he's a big strong athlete, doesn't have anything from a tie up, he doesn't control people with motion and fakes as well as he could...does he have anything on top? I didn't think he did but the ISU kid took neutral in a 1-0 match, is he just that bad on bottom? Obviously I am being pretty critical of a true freshmen but we are talking in the context of a national title contender. 

I'm not sure I consider him an underdog to anyone...Warner is a bad style match up for him cause his hips are so heavy

They'll likely be an upper-mid-tier team in the constructors' championship...

Oh, you aren't talking Formula One? Never mind!

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On 2/1/2021 at 7:01 PM, Gantry said:

You did see this right?



Poor Cuban guy spends his whole life under an oppressive regime, is allowed to come to the Land of the Free to wrestle for ISU and is molested within a couple months of his arrival.  Sad.

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4 hours ago, hammerlockthree said:

its a funny clip cause you can see Ferrari let go...like he's lookin at the ref and saying "I was just rubbing it!"

Laying in bed laughing so hard I woke the old lady up. Christ, Hammer that is the funniest damn thing I have heard in a while!

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