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Ferrari Predictions

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16 hours ago, ionel said:

Well sure, we already establish that the main reason for forums to argue about rankings.  ;)  Again, I have no problem with him not being ranked, just saying as an example those 3 make no sense if basing on record.  Moreover in a year like this guys that are actually out there wrestling with a 7-0 or 10-0 record prob deserve a little consideration.  I see no reason to rank a 0-0 Fix, when was the last time he wrestled a college match, whats the max # of matches he can get before conf if he doesn't catch covid or caught up in protocol?  

What does the number of matches fix can wrestle in before conferences have to do with anything?

Flo has openly discussed why Fix is ranked. He will be back Feb 10th. They extended the same treatment to half of Michigan’s lineup. 
AJ hasn’t beaten a single ncaa qualifier. Bastida and maybe Moore are the only guys with even a shot at qualifying. 
25th - Billy Janzer - qualified last year at Big10s,, has wins over multiple (4?) qualifiers, including caffey, currently ranked 8th at 197

 24th - Gavin Hoffman - beat out a ranked guy to even start. Bear Janzer this year  

23rd - Matt Wroblewski - beat Hoffman this year. Losses only to people ranked ahead of him this year. 
Each has far better quality wins. 
AJ would be a favorite vs each of these guys, but rankings aren’t predictions

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