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Toughest NCAA DIII Weight Classes of the 2000s

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Toughest NCAA DIII Weight Classes of the 2000s


http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Toughest NCAA DIII Weight Classes of the 2000s

We break down the toughest weight classes at the NCAA DIII tournament from the 2000s.

Three-time NCAA champion Ryan Allen of Wisconsin-La Crosse won two of the decade's top five weight classes.

Each weight class is scored by adding up the career scores of all the wrestlers.

Check out the toughest weight classes from 2000 to 2009 ranked by NCAA DIII medals!

Here are the top five!

Rank - Year - Weight - Score - Medalists

#1 - 2009 - 125 - 232 - Jake Oster, Elmhurst; Mike McInally, RIT; Mark Kist, Wartburg; Seth Flodeen, Augsburg; Clayton Rush, Coe College; Seth Ecker, Ithaca; Tyler Erdman, Elizabethtown; Chris Sheetz, Delaware Valley;

#2 - 2005 - 285 - 224 - Ryan Allen, Wisconsin-La Crosse; Blake Gillis, Wartburg; Mike Blair, Trinity; Mark Simmonds, Augsburg; Mike Hayes, Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Brett Christensen, Simpson; Tommy Snyder, Lycoming; Pat Bennett, SUNY-Brockport;

#3 - 2005 - 149 - 221 - Matt Pyle, Luther; Clint Manny, Simpson; Jason Roush, Mount St. Joseph; Jake Larsen, Wisconsin-La Crosse; Rick Frondorf, Delaware Valley; Jacob Naig, Wartburg; Jared Evans, Augsburg; Mike Kemble, Thiel;

#4 - 2006 - 285 - 209 - Ryan Allen, Wisconsin-La Crosse; Blake Gillis, Wartburg; Mike Hayes, Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Pat Bennett, SUNY-Brockport; Tommy Snyder, Lycoming; Brett Christensen, Simpson; Mike Blair, Trinity; John Miller, Luther;

#5 - 2001 - 184 - 203 - Nik Lewandowski, Augsburg; Jeremy Miller, Wisconsin-La Crosse; Andy Kazik, Lawrence; Dave Doebel, Buena Vista; Eduard Aliakseynka, Montclair State; Andy Povenski, Delaware Valley; Sonny Alvarez, Wartburg; Jason Schlingman, King's College;


Check out the full story from the photo!



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The 2009 125 weight had four champs and two other finalists. Oster and Rush were 4x All-Americans, Rush and Ecker were 2x champs. McInally was 2nd twice. Flodeen was champ the year before this and 2nd in 2007.

Ryan Allen and Blake Gillis wrestled in the 285 finals three years in a row with Allen winning all 3. Gillis got his title the next year.

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