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The NLWC Rokfin Film on Henri Deglane is great

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Nice job by John Broughton, whoever he is.   :D

Always enjoy these types of videos, especially the off the mat stuff. That was Part 1 so I'm guessing some of the live wrestling coverage and drama will be in the next Part(s).

Sort of said this before, but I'm really starting to like Thomas Gilman more and more. Never hated the guy, and actually enjoyed some of his antics in college, but at the same time thought he had a huge chip on his shoulder and thought he crossed the line a few times. He comes across as a really good guy in this video, imo.

Also can't say enough good things about Kyle Snyder. World and Olympic gold medals and he still seems like a down-to-earth humble guy who turns into a wrecking machine when the whistle blows. Disappointed Sharifov forfeited his match against Kyle at this tournament.

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