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The “High Paced Boys”

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I'm not sure I missed it, they mentioned one hosted the other for their recruiting trip but it was intermission and I wasn't fully paying attention.  They work well together and are good at just doing funny conversations when there isn't a ton of action.  Also not homerish at all, lots of good words for IL and their wrestlers.  Perfect local combo imo

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#10 Minnesota 25 #13 Illinois 13
125 #7 Patrick McKee (Minnesota) dec. #13 Justin Cardani (Illinois) 4-2
133 #20 Lucas Byrd (Illinois) maj. dec. #19 Boo Dryden (Minnesota) 11-3
141 #13 Dylan Duncan (Illinois) dec. Marcos Polanco (Minnesota) 5-2
149 #8 Michael Carr (Illinois) dec. Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) 5-3
157 #6 Brayton Lee (Minnesota) tech. fall Johnny Mologousis (Illinois) 25-8 6:02
165 #15 Andrew Sparks (Minnesota) vs. Luke Odom (Illinois) 22-7 7:00
174 #16 Jake Allar (Minnesota) dec. DJ Shannon (Illinois) 8-3
184 #15 Owen Webster (Minnesota) dec. #7 Zach Braunagel (Illinois) 3-2
197 Matt Wroblewski (Illinois) dec. Garrett Joles (Minnesota) 6-4 sv1
285 #1 Gable Steveson (Minnesota) fall #6 Luke Luffman (Illinois) :34


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1 hour ago, ionel said:

184 in the b10 just got more messy

0wen Webster, in his last 3 matches has beaten #8, 11, 12 nationally who were #6, 7, 8 in the Big 10 ratings last week.  Pretty tough not to rank him top 8 and 5 seed at Bigs.  And many think the true freshman behind him, Salazar, should be starting.



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14 hours ago, headshuck said:

It's Mack isn't it

I think so but you went Mac and I started copying you since you are the MN guy.  Ergo, like everything on the Internet, it's your fault for my mistake.  Thank u I will not be taking any further questions at this time...

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