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EIWA Interactive Tournament Seed Projections

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Once again posting the disclaimer that I tried to do the best but I have no insight into postseason lineups for team or seeding information other than results that are publicly available (huge shoutout to wrestlestat). THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL BY ANY MEANS!

If you know for a fact that I have the lineup wrong, feel free to pass that information along. For this one in particular, looking at any insight into Lehigh and American in particular although any are welcome. It will be noted throughout but fairly or unfairly unless a guy from American was a returning place winner I gave them #10 seed. Really I have no idea what they are going to do with American. For Harvey as the returning runner-up that does not mean I think he will place 6th this year for example.

I should also note that these team scores are based on placing eight, which they did in year’s past. I saw their notes about true 4th and 6th place matches at certain weights with allocations but depending on how many they end up placing that could slightly alter the team scores. Although I guess to have a true sixth, you would need to have a match to decide seventh and eighth so maybe that do that at all weights? They also seed to 17 it looked like last year and did not do random draws for the byes so if that changes it also affects team score by a couple points.

EIWA Projected Brackets


  • To change team's entrant: go to lineups tab and enter the name, record, rank their (DO NOT CHANGE THE SEEDS ON THIS SHEET, if you download the bracket they should be protected)
  • To change seeds: Go to the 125R, 133R, etc. and use column A. Team predictions will update based on seeds automatically (no bonus taken into account)
  • Key code for results (next to advancing wrestler): X = Bye, D = Decision, M = Major, T = Tech Fall, F = Fall
  • Any other questions or if you see something that doesn't appear to be working correctly, just ask! It is the first year I am doing this but hopefully I caught all the potential bugs.

My Projected Seeds (EIWA record is their record vs. entrants I expect to be in the tournament at the weight)

125 lbs. - 3 qualifiers
#1 Dylan Ryder (HOF) (3-0, 1-0 EIWA): 31 CR, 23 WS
#2 Micah Roes (BING) (4-0, 2-0 EIWA): 32 CR, 22 WS
#3 Jaret Lane (LEH) (5-0, 2-0 EIWA): 22 CR, 18 WS
#4 Logan Treaster (NAVY) (9-1, 1-1 EIWA): 25 CR, 29 WS
#5 Brandon Seidman (BUCK) (5-1, 3-0 EIWA): 52 WS
#6 Gage Curry (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 22 WS
#7 Bryce Cocktell (LIU) (3-3, 2-3 EIWA): 34 WS
#8 Antonio Mininno (DREX) (1-3, 0-1 EIWA): 41 WS
#9 Ryan Chauvin (ARMY) (1-4, 0-4 EIWA): 63 WS
#10 Sean Faraon (SHU) (0-3, 0-2 EIWA): 68 WS

Notes: Roes (BING), Ryder (HOF), and Lane (LEH) are all undefeated and ranked in coaches poll. Lane has the best coaches rank but Lehigh forfeited to Binghamton in the dual so even though we don’t know the reason I took him out. Ryder was slighty more dominant in his wins vs. Roes’ common opponents. Curry might have the strongest returning resume but I just couldn’t give #1 to a guy who hasn’t wrestled yet. Roes and Lane fill the 2/3 solely on the forfeit. Treaster’s only loss of the year was to Lane so he is #4. Seidman beat 3 of the reaming 4 for the #5 seed. I put Curry at #6 just because I didn’t want to give him to #1/#2 seed in second round. I also thought about #5 but it is a total unknown to me what they will do with him. Bryce Cocktrell is next with wins against Mininno and Faraon and the only non-losing record left. Minininno is #8 as he teched a backup Sacred Heart and has a strong resume but left his last match hurt so hopefully he is back. Chauvin has a win so he is #9 and Faraon is #10 for me.

133 lbs. - 3 qualifiers
#1 Malyke Hines (LEH) (3-1, 1-0 EIWA): 32 CR, 10 WS
#2 Anthony Sobotker (BING) (3-1, 2-0 EIWA): 30 WS
#3 Chandler Olson (DREX) (4-1, 3-0 EIWA): 38 WS
#4 Garrett Lambert (HOF) (2-2, 1-1 EIWA): 59 WS
#5 Darren Miller (BUCK) (5-1, 2-1 EIWA): 23 CR, 35 WS
#6 Mark Montgomery (ARMY) (3-3, 2-2 EIWA): 32 WS
#7 Jacob Allen (NAVY) (6-4, 0-2 EIWA): 40 WS
#8 Devin Matthews (LIU) (3-5, 1-3 EIWA): 58 WS
#9 Kyle Randall (SHU) (0-3, 0-3 EIWA): 60 WS
#10 Andrew Fallon (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 69 WS

Notes: Sobotker (BING), Olson (DREX), and Hines (LEH) are all unbeaten against conference starters. Sobotker beat Koehler of Rider by pin while Olson’s only loss was to Koehler. However, Sobotker lost to Politto of Lehigh so I gave the #1 to Hines who only lost to Philippi this year. He also has a coaches ranking. Miller (BUCK) should be first by coaches ranking but his loss came to Montgomery of Army. Montgomery also lost to Sobokter and Lambert so that hurts him as I can tell #2-7 are going to be a jumble. I go with Sobokter at #2. Olson at #3 as he beat Lambert 6-3. He doesn’t have a coaches ranking which makes me think Miller should have been in the seeds already but Montgomery beat Miller and Lambert pinned Montgomery so I used that for 4-6. Allen of Navy also has a case for consideration for a first round bye with a 2-1 win against Politto of Lehigh who beat Montgomery but Montgomery won 6-3 in the head-to-head meeting. I will use the match vs. Politto to determine 7/8 as Allen beat him and has a winning record. Allen also lost just 2-0 to Hines who I have as #1 so he is sneaky tough matchup. Matthews (LIU) lost to Allen and has an overall losing record. Randall (SHU) doesn’t have any wins at #9 and Fallon (AMER) is #10 if he goes with no college matches.

141 lbs. - 5 qualifiers
#1 Cody Trybus (NAVY) (9-0, 1-0 EIWA): 10 CR, 11 WS
#2 Zack Trampe (BING) (3-1, 1-0 EIWA): 25 CR, 20 WS
#3 Brandon Paetzell (LEH) (0-1, 0-0 EIWA): 10 WS
#4 Lane Peters (ARMY) (4-1, 1-1 EIWA): 31 CR, 33 WS
#5 Julian Flores (DREX) (4-1, 1-0 EIWA): 50 WS
#6 Vincent Vespa (HOF) (2-3, 2-0 EIWA): 53 WS
#7 Drew Witham (LIU) (4-5, 1-3 EIWA): 65 WS
#8 Kirk Phipps (BUCK) (5-4, 1-2 EIWA): 35 WS
#9 Jordan Carlucci (SHU) (2-3, 0-2 EIWA): 67 WS
#10 Elijah White (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 70 WS

Notes: Not many head-to-head matchups this weight. Trybus is undefeated and has the best coaches rank. He also beat McGonagle and Lobeck from Lehigh if they end up contesting the weight. If Paetzell is really the guy you could see him high in the seeds as he is the defending conference champion but at 125 lbs. I am going to wait on Paetzell however since some other guys have wins vs. Lehigh. I do think they should try to keep him opposite of Trybus. Trampe (BING), Peters (ARMY), and Flores (DREX) battle for #2. Trampe won vs. Bell (RIDER) while Flores lost in the only common opponents difference from those three. Trampe also beat the Army guy 14-2 in the dual while Peters wrestled extra matches. I am really hesitant to do this but I am going to put Paetzell at #3 even though Peters does have a 4-2 win vs. McGonagle of Lehigh. Peters is my “true #3 seed” on this year alone but I didn’t want to punish him with Paetzell in the first round if I kept him in the bottom half so I slid him to #4. Flores and Vespa both beat Witham while Phipps lost. Scores were almost identical and no other common opponents so I decided 5/6 by better overall record. I debated flipping these as Flores missed the round robin with Hofstra. Head-to-head sorts out 7-9 as Witham beat Phipps, 9-7 and Phipps beat Carlucci 12-2. White (AMER) is the #10 seed with no college matches if this is his weight.

149 lbs. - 4 qualifiers
#1 Pj Ogunsanya (ARMY) (6-0, 3-0 EIWA): 19 CR, 17 WS
#2 Casey Cobb (NAVY) (8-1, 1-1 EIWA): 18 CR, 24 WS
#3 Kizhan Clarke (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 13 WS
#4 Jimmy Hoffman (LEH) (2-3, 0-2 EIWA): 25 CR, 22 WS
#5 Luke Nichter (DREX) (5-0, 2-0 EIWA): 34 WS
#6 Greg Gaxiola (HOF) (2-1, 0-1 EIWA): 30 CR, 40 WS
#7 Matt Kolonia (BUCK) (2-2, 1-1 EIWA): 30 WS
#8 Michael Zarif (BING) (3-1, 1-0 EIWA): 56 WS
#9 Chris Gomez (LIU) (1-1, 0-1 EIWA): 53 WS
#10 Rafael Lievano (SHU) (1-2, 0-2 EIWA): 68 WS

Notes: Ogunsanya solidified #1 seed with his 8-4 win in the dual vs. Cobb of Navy. Nichter is also undefeated but his best win on the entire year is Gaxiola. I went with Cobb at #2 who beat Hoffman (LEH) 5-2 in the dual.  The next one I struggle with as Clarke (AMER) doesn’t have any matches but unlike 141 with Paetzell I think 149 is deeper with two more guys with coaches rankings still on the board. However, I want to keep Clarke away from #1 and on the bottom to reward the regular season and don’t want to punish the third-best regular season. I know its last year but Clark did beat Ogunsanya three times and won 14-3 vs. Kolonia so I put Clarke at #3. Hoffman had a really tough non-conference schedule and he does have the edge over Gaxiola in the first coaches ranking so I put him #4. Seems strange as undefeated Nichter I have as #5 with the win over Gaxiola. I debated putting Nichter at #3 and then Hoffman/Gaxiola at 4/5 and then Nichter hitting Clarke in the quarters but didn’t want to mess with the seeds just for matchup purposes. Going with the original method, Gaxiola is the last guy on the board with a coaches ranking. For 7-10, Zarif won 7-6 vs. Gomez and Kolonia won by fall vs. Lieavano. The record says Zarif over Kolonia but Kolonia has been more dominate in his wins. They are not common opponents but they have similar wrestlestat rankings. Gomez pinned Brown of Sacred Heart as Lievano didn’t wrestle that day but still has the lost to Zarif so that settles the final three.

157 lbs. - 5 qualifiers
#1 Holden Heller (HOF) (5-0, 3-0 EIWA): 20 CR, 20 WS
#2 Markus Hartman (ARMY) (5-1, 3-1 EIWA): 14 CR, 16 WS
#3 Parker Kropman (DREX) (4-0, 1-0 EIWA): 21 CR, 21 WS
#4 Andrew Cerniglia (NAVY) (5-0, 1-0 EIWA): 26 CR, 50 WS
#5 Nick Delp (BUCK) (4-4, 1-1 EIWA): 64 WS
#6 Nick Palumbo (SHU) (3-2, 0-2 EIWA): 46 WS
#7 AJ Burkhart (LEH) (2-2, 0-2 EIWA): 49 WS
#8 Rhise Royster (LIU) (1-2, 0-2 EIWA): 62 WS
#9 Chris Barker (BING) (0-2, 0-1 EIWA): 68 WS
#10 Elijah Murphy (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 69 WS

Notes: Four guys with coaches rankings who are undefeated but the guy with the best coaches ranking (Hartman) got pinned in the regular season by Heller (HOF).  I will give the #1 to Heller just on the highest quality win and he also teched the Drexel backup in the dual that Kropman missed.  The next three, and really any of the top four, there are arguments every direction. Cerniglia and Kropman have no common opponents. Cerniglia has a win over Army to seal that dual Hartman missed but is a returning second-team All-American. I will give #2 to Hartman. Cerniglia and Kropman have no common opponents but Kropman was an alternate to NCAAs last year so slight edge there, as I had to decide how to split hairs. That pick also follows coaches ranking.  Not much in common among bottom half. Hartman beat Delp (W, 9-4), Barker (W, 9-1), and Burkhart (W, 5-0). It’s not a great difference maker but I will give #5 to Delp who also beat Palumbo 9-6. Royster beat the Binghamton backup when Barker missed the dual. Barker lost to Lehigh’s backup Frinzi and Palumbo has a 16-3 win over Cooper of LIU when Royster missed. I will give it Palumbo just since he also has the only winning record remaining. Burkhart and Royster: I go with Burkhart just based on who he was beating in the wrestlestat power rankings even though they have no common opponents. Barker has no wins on the year but Murphy (AMER) did not wrestle at all after going 1-9 last year so he is #10 though no fault of his own.

165 lbs. - 5 qualifiers
#1 Tanner Skidgel (NAVY) (9-1, 2-0 EIWA): 14 CR, 7 WS
#2 Zach Hartman (BUCK) (7-0, 1-0 EIWA): 7 CR, 6 WS
#3 Ricky Stamm (HOF) (5-0, 1-0 EIWA): 24 CR, 23 WS
#4 Brevin Cassella (BING) (4-0, 0-0 EIWA): 32 CR, 45 WS
#5 Evan Barczak (DREX) (4-1, 2-0 EIWA): 24 WS
#6 Brian Meyer (LEH) (1-4, 1-1 EIWA): 43 WS
#7 William Schmidt (SHU) (2-3, 1-3 EIWA): 53 WS
#8 Will Lucie (ARMY) (0-3, 0-2 EIWA): 53 WS
#9 Ryan Ferro (LIU) (0-3, 0-2 EIWA): 57 WS
#10 Timothy Fitzpatrick (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 49 WS

Notes: Very clear top and bottom 5 in this weight although Meyer wrestled Skidgel to just a 2-0 loss. Hartman has the best coaches ranking and is undefeated on the year. Skidgel has one loss to Wentzel from Pitt and there is no common opponents to base off of. The numbers say Hartman but Skidgel beat him in the EIWA Championship match last year so I will give the nod to the defending champ while Hartman owns the #2 line. You could argue Barczak over Stamm as Stamm majored Schmidt (SHU) and Barczak got the tech but I will lean towards the coaches rank and overall undefeated record for #3 seed. Stamm also wrestled in the dual against Drexel and won while Barczek sat out that day. #4 is Cassella because he has the coaches rank and also owns a win over Silverstein of Rider (3-2) who both Barczak (5-3 in TB) and Meyer (3-1 OT) lost to. Barczak gets the #5 even though Meyer and him both had tough battles against Silverstein in the only common opponents. 4-1 vs. 1-4 overall is just too much to overlook even though Lehigh had the tougher schedule. For #6 seed, Meyer has been much more competitive in his losses and also owns the 5-3 win vs. Lucie. Schmidt pinned Ferro and is the last guy with a win on the board this year. To me, among the last four is also where Fitzpatrick comes into play. He was 13-18 last year (2-2 at EIWAs). I think Lucie and Ferro are probably weakest two at the weight so I will defer to wrestlestat as they have no common opponents or win and go Lucie. It might just be what it is, but doesn’t seem fair to throw Fitzpatrick to Schmidt who has a win but I don’t know what to do with him. I also don’t know where Guffey (Army) has been. He beat Lucie and his 3-1 record would have him in discussion for the #6 seed with Meyer to me.

174 lbs. - 5 qualifiers
#1 Michael O'Malley (DREX) (5-0, 2-0 EIWA): 15 CR, 12 WS
#2 Ross McFarland (HOF) (4-1, 2-1 EIWA): 30 CR, 17 WS
#3 Jacob Nolan (BING) (4-0, 1-0 EIWA): 50 WS
#4 Ben Pasiuk (ARMY) (2-0, 2-0 EIWA): 47 WS
#5 Vincent Andreano (BUCK) (5-1, 1-0 EIWA): 52 WS
#6 Jake Logan (LEH) (2-4, 1-1 EIWA): 41 WS
#7 Dean Caravela (NAVY) (7-3, 0-2 EIWA): 26 WS
#8 James Langan (LIU) (4-5, 1-4 EIWA): 57 WS
#9 Scott Jarosz (SHU) (2-3, 0-2 EIWA): 59 WS
#10 Anthony Wokasch (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 44 WS

Notes: Nobody at this weight has a lot of matches at all and therefore not a lot of common opponents except for everybody seemed to want to wrestle Langan (LIU). O’Malley is the #1 as he has the highest coaches rank and owns a 3-0 win over McFarland who is the only other guy in NCAA top 33. McFarland gets the #2 with his only loss to O’Malley. He also has the most convincing wins compared to Nolan and Andreano against Langan and beat Laughlin (Army). Interesting dynamic at #3. I think Pasiuk could be the guy but he didn’t enter the season until late and Nolan owns a 5-4 win over Laughlin of Army from that dual so he is kind of “blocked” and therefore so is Caravela of Navy who lost to Pasiuk by major in the dual. Andreano’s record makes it look like he is in the mix but he beat Langan by just one and lost to Laughlin of Army. With Nolan out of his way, I think Pasiuk is the #4 as his two wins are vs. Logan (20-11 MD) and Caravela (12-3 MD). Andreano is the next guy by record but he won in overtime vs. his teammate Guida who took losses to Langan. I am not sold on Andreano (BUCK) placing fifth here to match his seed but he has no common opponents vs. Logan or Caravelo in his entire career and Caravelo has the only other winning record and he lost to Logan 7-4 in the dual. I just didn’t want to use the transitive property, which we know can be flawed especially considering one of the matches was with a teammate. I gave the final bye to Logan (LEH) who all his losses were close unlike Langan (LIU) and he also owns the win over Caravela. Caravela seems underseeded here and a difficult draw with a winning record but unfortunately he did most of his damage against the MAC and lost to both Pasiuk and Logan in his only EIWA action outside of a Lehigh backup (which he won). Langan owns the win over Jarosz to give him the edge but you wonder how they seed Wokash who placed 8th last year at the EIWA Tournament but was unseeded coming out of the pigtails. He was majored by Meyer last year so I would think that halts most of his potential to climb pretty significantly. Either way, if he does end up 10 that is a double rough draw for Caravela.

184 lbs. - 6 qualifiers
#1 Louie DePrez (BING) (4-0, 3-0 EIWA): 4 CR, 5 WS
#2 David Key (NAVY) (7-0, 2-0 EIWA): 18 CR, 27 WS
#3 Taylor Brown (ARMY) (4-2, 2-2 EIWA): 32 CR, 46 WS
#4 Charles Small (HOF) (4-1, 2-1 EIWA): 36 WS
#5 JT Davis (LEH) (2-3, 1-2 EIWA): 64 WS
#6 Joe Accousti (SHU) (3-2, 3-1 EIWA): 42 WS
#7 Josh Stillings (DREX) (2-3, 1-1 EIWA): 44 WS
#8 Sam Barnes (BUCK) (1-4, 0-2 EIWA): 62 WS
#9 Dan Shafran (LIU) (0-9, 0-5 EIWA): 69 WS
#10 Connor Bourne (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 66 WS

Notes: DePrez and Key are undefeated overall but DePrez has been more dominant in the wins. #3 seed will look really weird based on conference record but his losses were to the top two and he has the only other coaches rank. Brown and Davis are the only undefeated wrestlers in the head-to-head from 3rd – 10th in the conference and Brown beat Wright of Lehigh 4-0 in the dual. After top three are removed, Davis (LEH) and Small (HOF) are the only undefeated in conference. Both beat Shafran (LIU) by majors but edge goes to Small on overall record. Accousti now becomes undefeated taking Small off board but he only beat Shafran 6-1 while Davis (#5 seed) had the major in the only common opponents. Accousti’s wins are against each of the remaining three as he obviously didn’t see American. Stillings beat Shafran by tech so the 7/8 seed comes to him and Barnes. Both lost by similar scores to Accousti in only common opponents so I gave the #7 to Stillings on overall record. Barnes has a win and Shafran does not while Bourne just has no resume this year after going 4-14 last year with no common opponents.  I put Bourne at 184 lbs. as Jarrell has not certified for American so possibly Harvey goes up? Harvey is listed at 285 right now in trackwrestling so he weighed at least 197.1 and who knows how much more when he certified. Of course Bourne also certified similarly but he was listed as a probable at 184 before their only dual was cancelled.

197 lbs. - 5 qualifiers
#1 Jack Brown (ARMY) (5-1, 4-1 EIWA): 20 CR, 19 WS
#2 Jake Jakobsen (LEH) (4-3, 3-1 EIWA): 19 CR, 18 WS
#3 Bryan McLaughlin (DREX) (4-1, 1-0 EIWA): 21 CR, 22 WS
#4 Jake Koser (NAVY) (4-2, 1-1 EIWA): 16 CR, 16 WS
#5 Trey Rogers (HOF) (4-1, 2-1 EIWA): 39 WS
#6 Tanner Harvey (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 14 WS
#7 Robert Hetherman (SHU) (2-1, 2-1 EIWA): 50 WS
#8 Sam DePrez (BING) (1-3, 0-2 EIWA): 53 WS
#9 Mason McCready (BUCK) (4-4, 0-2 EIWA): 59 WS
#10 TJ Franden (LIU) (1-10, 0-4 EIWA): 69 WS

Notes: You got four guys who are all really tight in the rankings and then Harvey (if he goes here) who is the returning EIWA runner-up. Further complicating things, Brown lost to Jakobsen (L, 7-1), but beat Koser. (W, 9-4). Jackobsen lost to Koser (L, 6-1) but has the loss to Brown. McLaughlin has the lowest coaches rank of the group but is undefeated in conference. However, he did not see any of the other three guys I mentioned. They all placed last year at EIWAs too: Brown (4th), Jakobsen (5th), McLaughlin (7th), and Koser (8th) so I just went with last year’s placements.  I guess it will be settled in the semifinals. That leaves the question of who should get Harvey. I just put him at 6 so McLaughlin came prove himself to get into the semifinals (although I did feel like that was me manipulating seeds based on potential matchups so I don’t feel great about that). Rogers’ only loss of the year was 3-2 against Brown so he is #5 to me. Hetherman beat McCready and Franden and has the better record than DePrez. DePrez is #8 after beating Shafran of LIU in the dual (W, 8-1) and he has a much more competitive match with Brown of Army compared to McCready. Only common opponent for final two seeds is Hetherman who beat McCready by fall and Franden 6-1. However, I will go with overall record as Franden’s only win came to his teammate so that is not a countable result.

285 lbs. - 4 qualifiers
#1 Jordan Wood (LEH) (4-1, 3-0 EIWA): 7 CR, 5 WS
#2 John Birchmeier (NAVY) (5-0, 1-0 EIWA): 24 CR, 18 WS
#3 Robert Heald (ARMY) (3-2, 3-2 EIWA): 29 CR, 36 WS
#4 Zachary Knighton-Ward (HOF) (4-2, 3-1 EIWA): 33 CR, 28 WS
#5 Niko Camacho (AMER) (0-0, 0-0 EIWA): 38 WS
#6 Dorian Crosby (BUCK) (3-3, 2-1 EIWA): 64 WS
#7 Tim Nogoski (LIU) (4-5, 3-4 EIWA): 61 WS
#8 Cory Day (BING) (1-2, 0-2 EIWA): 42 WS
#9 Mark Blokh (SHU) (0-3, 0-3 EIWA): 65 WS
#10 Derek Rose (DREX) (0-5, 0-2 EIWA): 44 WS

Notes: The champ returns and is #1 despite losing to Laird out of conference even though Birchmeier went undefeated. Worth noting that Birchmeier did beat both Lehigh backups bu that was before Wood was eligible. Undefeated Birchmeier (#2 seed) had his most impressive win in the last dual vs. Heald. Two guys with coaches ranking remain and Heald (#3 seed) owns the head-to-head against Knighton-Ward (W, 4-3).  Sullivan also beat Knighton-Ward (#4 seed) if Army reverses course on its starter. Camacho is a retuning place winner in the conference and with only .500 and below records I gave him the #5. Head-to-head decides 6/7 as Nogoski went 3-1 in the bottom half of the seeds  and with his only loss to Crosby who also owns a win over Blokh. Of note, Nagoski beat Day 3-2 in their matchup but Day won 10-2 vs. Sullivan who pinned Nagoski but I went with the true head-to-head matchup. Day has the win over Sullivan as his only victory while Rose and Blokh will look to pick up their first at the EIWAs. Blokh gets my #9 is Rose lost to Sacred Heart’s DelBonis (who could also go at this weight) and Blokh had the closer match with Nagosky. These two also met in 2019 with Blokh winning 5-2.

Team Race
1. Navy - 127.5
2. Hofstra - 122
3. Lehigh - 116.5
4. Army - 112
5. Binghamton - 100
6. Drexel - 89.5
7. Bucknell - 67
8. American - 34.5
9. LIU Post - 27
10. Sacred Heart - 24

This gets really interesting. I have Navy with two #1s and three #2s. I also think some of their lower seeded guys could outperform. Hofstra is just all over the place with seeds as is Lehigh which I don’t know that anybody has any confidence in the lineup they will run out. Army has some potential to also improve its score so I am looking forward to this team race more than probably any other conference. Binghamton also projects at an even 100 but I don’t know that they bring enough  scorers to the tournament.

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2 minutes ago, gimpeltf said:

Unless they change their minds, any possible true bouts will not change the team scores. They will only be done at weights where relevant and for NCAA qualification.

That is what I kind of assumed. I guess my question was if they are still planning to place all the way to 8th just because they have a smaller field?  Also, are they going to do random byes or pair 7v10 and 8v9 in the preliminaries? Those would be things that could alter team scores possibly by a couple points.

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5 minutes ago, bracketbuster said:

That is what I kind of assumed. I guess my question was if they are still planning to place all the way to 8th just because they have a smaller field?  Also, are they going to do random byes or pair 7v10 and 8v9 in the preliminaries? Those would be things that could alter team scores possibly by a couple points.

Those issues are under discussion. Hopefully decided Monday on the weekly call.

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1 hour ago, RichB said:

It would seem the guys with no bouts, all the American guys and maybe a couple of others come 2-26 need to wrestle pig tails. otherwise they could end up 2nd, 2-1, and not qualifying. 

Or true bouts. But either could get sticky- but ...

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1 hour ago, RichB said:

It would seem the guys with no bouts, all the American guys and maybe a couple of others come 2-26 need to wrestle pig tails. otherwise they could end up 2nd, 2-1, and not qualifying. 

Yeah for the American guys like Curry, Clarke, and Harvey who will be on the mat live for the first time it will be interesting but on previous work they could be right there with anybody. American will want the pigtails for the reasons you described but if they don't do random draw then those guys who win the pigtails are up against a 1 or 2 seed in the quarterfinals. Lots of things to think about at the seeding meeting.

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Historical data same as all conferences this year. 

Missing the Ivies. So, they are awarded spots that would normally go to Cornell, Harvard, Princeton.

A bunch of bums from the EIWA will go 0-2. I suppose it makes for easier seeding and easier first round matches for the better B1G guys. But, lower tier B1G guys that are ranked ahead of EIWA guys won’t get in.

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No doubt 15-25 guys are going who would not be going if F&M and the Ivies were there. But the Guys from the conferences who are better wouldn't go if the Magnificent 7 were there. So  I think maybe 5-7 guys are screwed


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Three EIWA guys ranked in the top 33 in the coaches poll. Two on WrestleStat.

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If the elitist EIWA has any intergrity they will return the 6 excessive 184 qualifiers back into the overall selection.

If they keep all six qualifiers, their integrity will be questioned.

Liberal sissy boys.

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If everyone really agreed that the rankings were the best way to determine qualifiers, then the powers that be would just use the rankings.

This is a flawed season in so many ways.  And the rankings are likely also flawed due to lack of sufficient matches overall and between conferences.  So to suggest that accepting the system chosen as opposed to some other system not even specified somehow reflects a lack of "integrity" (not to mention any kind of political bias one way or another) is just ludicrous. 

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Everybody Knows the amount of Bids to EIWA this season is just a joke...Anybody that disagrees about that is just crazy...It's not their fault but NCAA Tournament directors should be ashamed...My goodness just look at 184lbs and 6 Qualifiers?...The 5th and 6th wrestlers probably wouldn't qualify for a good HS State tournament and 3rd and 4th would struggle to be top 3 in a good HS Tournament

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I know that you do this for all conferences, but I am an EIWA FAN (Army) and like to watch opponent matches prior to them wrestling Army.  You do good analysis with Wrestlestat records and match score comparison.  

I have some input based on what I watched:

AU:  Since they had ZERO matches, is the EIWA bringing back last year’s rule that said “no seeding with 0 matches UNLESS you are a previous conference finalist.  In that case the best seed you can have is one seed less than the number of slots.”  They could tweak it for “previous conference placements of 4 or better.”  That still means Curry can get a 4 seed and Clarke can get a 5 seed.

125: Jarrett lane is the top guy here.  Pinned Tropea easily and beat Koehler twice last year.  Roes majored cockerel and pinned Tropea.  Ryder does not have as much quality wins as he really didn’t go against many good guys.  Chauvin is interesting because he has earned the 10 seed this year but a late stall call giving roes a point sent the match into OT.  He also lost a close match with Seidman right at the end.  The Treaster match was close until the end, the first takedown Treaster had was after the buzzer.  Chauvin can be the next Frankie Guida being the 10 seed and making the finals.  

133:  army bias here, but Monty is a 3 seed.  He has better “quality” wins over Allen of navy then Hines (escape and RT).  Monty actually took Allen down multiple times.  Monty was also the only guy to earn a RT point on Miller (over 2 mins) and blast doubled him twice.  Lambert started strong and finished the season with bad losses.  If Monty doesn’t get a 3/4 seed, then he is an instant “paper” dark horse for the finals.

141:  Flores’ 3 wins are against 3rd string 0 win wrestlers in extra matches.  If you SAW Kurt Phipps wrestle, you would put him at #5.  He is the dark horse.  

149:  All that might happen here is we get a crappy 149 situation like we had last year.  4 slots and 5 guys who can win a match at NCAAs.  Prince didn’t have a single match at 149 and didn’t meet the “min match criteria” so he was a prior year finalist who was seeded 5th.  I am not high on Gaxiola at all.  He has 0 good wins and some horrible losses.  1-5 is OG, Cobb, Hoffman, Kolonia and Clarke.  

157:  Hartman got robbed of the 1 seed last year even though he beat Monday...who got the top seed.  Actually, Hartman got the 1 seed until Princeton got their team of lawyers to change it.  I saw the pin heller had on Hartman, not worried about a rematch.  Delp is really good.  He is the style clone of Hartman when Hartman was a freshman.  I saw his match against OU’s Justin Thomas (#11) and he had him beat until a bad call.   Cerniglia has no wins over anyone Wrestlestat has ranked below 100.  

165:  after the top 3, the talent and ability is about the same.  Casella is really good but not dynamic so he hasn’t slight edge over the rest of the field.  However, the last seed, Ryan ferro, countered a Skidgel throw and got a TD, 4 swipes and a clear pin that was not called (if you have Flo, watch the match at EIWAs last year).  Then he got pinned by skidgel.  Ferro is the type of guy who can beat the top seed then lose his next two matches.  

174:  Here is where you need to watch matches.  Pasiuk was the only guy to major Logan this year (#11 Lautt needed SV).  In fact Logan’s 2 losses were by 1 and 2 points.  Also, Pasiuk is the only guy to major Caravella this year.  Caravella has only lost by 1 2 and 3 points.  Lastly, Pasiuk beat Nolan twice last year, the second match was a MD.  Nolan has only 2 wins over EIWA starters, and they aren’t quality ones.  Pasiuk is the clear #2 seed.  Watch the matches, he had Logan wishing he wasn’t on the mat anymore.     

197:  1-2-3 Brown-Koser-Jacobsen.  If you use prior year EIWA placement as the 1 seed “tie breaker” in this logjam, brown is the winner.  Plus brown is ranked the highest.  Then you can use head to head for #2, putting Koser there.  Jacobsen would get the three seed.  Brown may have close matches against veteran guys like Deprez, but Brown manhandled him despite not scoring many points.  It is just his style...like skidgel of Navy (ok, not that bad).  I don’t understand how referees let someone sit on a 1-0 lead nowadays despite obvious stalling.   

Like I said, I am an army fan, but I saw many matches.  I’ll post my seeds I posted on an Army page later.  

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