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February 23rd NLWC Matchups

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On 2/19/2021 at 12:35 PM, nhs67 said:

I know styles make matches and all... but Amine techfalled Jackson in like a minute.  Snyder is taking this serious AF.  He's probably going to techfall Jackson and Boykin in ynder 3 minutes total.  So even if somehow Gabe can last a full six he is well under 13.5 on the evening.

This seems to be easy money on the under, all respects given 

I'm almost halfway there already!

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Pretty soon they're going to have to just start wrestling again, record them, and post them later.

If it comes to them cancelling matches because it is getting too late I'll be more pissed off than I would not being able to watch them live.

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