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Northwestern at Minnesota

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Gophers trounce Northwestern 29-10.  Get upsets from Patrick McKee and Michael Blockhus, and true freshman Isaiah Salazar gets a pin coming off the bench.

Minnesota 29 Northwestern 10
157 Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) maj. dec. Brayton Lee (Minnesota) 12-0
165 Andrew Sparks (Minnesota) dec. David Ferrante (Northwestern) 14-11
174 Jake Allar (Minnesota) dec. Troy Fisher (Northwestern) 6-5
184 Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) fall Jack Jessen (Northwestern) 5:32
197 Garrett Joles (Minnesota) dec. Jon Halvorsen (Northwestern) 10-8
285 Gable Steveson (Minnesota) tech fall Jack Heyob (Northwestern) 16-1, 5:05
125 Patrick Mckee (Minnesota) dec. Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) 9-6
133 Chris Cannon (Northwestern) fall Boo Dryden (Minnesota) 4:13
141 Marcos Polanco (Minnesota) dec. Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern) 3-1 sv-1
149 Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) dec. Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) 3-2



Northwestern at Minnesota Extra Matches
133 Jake Gliva (Minnesota) maj. dec. Matt Vinci (Northwestern) 16-4
149 Jakob Bergeland (Minnesota) dec. Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) 2-1
157 Maxx Mayfield (Northwestern) dec. Ryan Thomas (Minnesota) 7-4
174 Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota) tech fall Ankhaa Enkhmandakh (Northwestern) 16-1, 6:42

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McKee is so inconsistent. He’s beat Schroeder, Foley and DeAugustino all when they were ranked top 5 but can’t get smoked by someone like Barnett. If he wrestles a guy tough on top he usually has issues.


I remember when Jessen was a top recruit. HEW?

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7 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

Carr, Hidlay and Parris all look like champs too. 
I’m picking Gable and Hidlay

All are contenders to be sure. My heart broke for hidlay in that last nolf match, but I still don't think he beats deakin. Parris has a shot, but I still pick Gable. 

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