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Jimmy Cinnabon

Iowa already won NCAAs in a LANDSLIDE

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Iowa has it in the bag, and it will be a historical LANDSLIDE victory.  Minimum 4 champs (Lee, Eireman, Marinelli and Kemerer) and a minimum 8 AAs.  Everyone else is battling for 2nd place.  According to current Intermat rankings Iowa wins by 80 points.  Iowa: 161, Michigan 85.5, Penn State third at 82.


Iowa literally doubles up the 2nd place team.  This will be a historic win for Iowa.

125 - Lee (1) - champ w/ lots of bonus; OW [stone cold lock]

133 - Desanto (5) - 2-4 w/ early round bonus

141 - Eireman (1) - champ w/ moderate bonus

149 - Murin (7) 5-7

157 - Young (5) 4-6

165 - Marinelli (1) - champ w/ moderate bonus

174 - Kemerer (1) - champ w/ moderate bonus

184 - Brands (15) - 2-2 (ironic that the coach's son will be the only one to possibly not AA)

197 - Warner (3) 1-4 w/ early round bonus

HWT - Cassioppi (3) 2-4


Eat it up Iowa fans, this will be the most glorious title in the last decade!



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