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How will COVID affect the NCAA Championships?

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Which of these do you think will have the biggest affect on the tournament?

1. Highly ranked wrestler(s) compete in qualification tournaments but test positive shortly before the NCAA Championships
2. A top team misses the championships entirely due to too many positive tests
3. A top wrestler who had symptomatic COVID previously is compromised enough by long term effects that he underperforms his ability
4. A top wrestler tests positive during the tournament and is pulled out partway through
5. A wrestler who would not have qualified otherwise gets in due to someone else's positive test and goes on a run that affects the trophy standings in some way
6. Iowa's literal month off between competitions (and a shorter break in on-mat training) causes them to underperform at the Big Tens to the point they lose some qualifiers

I think there's a chance none of them happen. I worry a little bit about false positives right before and during the tournament. We'll probably never know if #3 happens, though we may be able to make an educated guess. I think Iowa will be all right with the layoff. I expect most of their guys would qualify with an at-large spot if needed, and they'll have the Big Tens to knock off some rust. #5 also seems pretty unlikely, especially with seeding up to 33. 

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