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Jimmy Cinnabon

Pick your champs (NCAA)

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My turn...

125 - Lee, Spencer - Because he's Spencer "Freaking" Lee

133 - Fix, Daton - Because he's better than RBY and Desanto

141 - Lee, Nick - I think his offense is too much for Eierman, and Seabass hasn't faced an upper tier 141 yet, thus, I can't possibly conclude that he could beat either.  We all are witnessing what's happening to Nashon on the FS circuit.

149 - O'Conner, Austin - He just seems to be more positionally sound and consistent.  I think he could blast through the Sasso funk like Bartlett did, neutralizing Sasso's game. 

157 - Carr, David - Calling my shot here.  This will be the upset of the Tourney, as most think that Deakin or Hidlay are the prohibitive favorites.

165 - Griffith, Shane - Another mild upset.  Griffith is the real deal, IMO, and it will be good to see him in action vs. the cream of the crop.

174 - Kemmererererer, Michael - I think he's the champ this year, with Starocci, Massa, Labs, and Romero all "right there" too.

184 - Brooks, Aaron - I think he ends up beating Hidlay or Bolen in the finals.

197 - Amine, Myles - I think he's one of the "locks" that are least likely to make it.  I could see Warner, Schultz, Adams, hell... even Sloan or Ferrari putting together a solid tourney.

285 - Parris, Mason - His last win over Gwiz in FS boosted his confidence through the roof.  Gable may win Big 10's, but Parris just seems to continue to level up, like Goku does in Dragonball Z/Super.

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