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Most to Least Likely B10 Pre Seed #1's

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It always surprises me that an Iowa guy like you is not higher on Eierman.
I love Eierman. Just being realistic. I've been clear that I think Eierman beats Rivera who beats Lee who beats Eierman, stylistically. He's got two elite guys in his weight, so he's lower on this list.

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4 minutes ago, portajohn said:

I agree. I was just joking around because Sanderson brought Andrew Long in to seal the deal for a title. Similar to Brands bringing in Eierman

No I understood, I just don’t think that’s why he might not be high on Eierman... and also don’t think that’s the same reason Eierman is there, or was brought there.

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14 minutes ago, Katie said:

Eierman-Lee will be interesting (if it happens). Eierman beat Lee 12-4 in 2018, but (I think) Lee beat Eierman in 2019 in freestyle.  I guess the rankings demonstrate that Eierman is the favorite, but I don't think anyone really knows how it will turn out.

Correct. In the first match Lee couldn't finish on Eireman and Eierman scored mostly off of Lee's offense (2 came on a sloppy cut where Eierman just spun and got a foot rather than standing up). In the freestyle match Lee finished all the shots.

In both matches Lee got to Eierman's legs fairly easily (of course, that is also part of Eierman's strategy). So does he finish in this one, like 2019, or does Eierman scramble his way to takedown, like 2108?

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