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B1G Session 4/Finals

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Front headlock position for Kem.  Star down on mat.  Whistle.  Kem slowly stalking.  Star shuffling.  Now head to head.  Star goes low, like  a duck, but nothing there to grab.  Kem heavy on head.  Star shuffling feet back and forth.  Kem in on leg.  Wraps as Star on butt.  2!  Star posting up.  And now out.  15 sec RT.  STar now to right leg, then instead switches to Kem's left leg.  But Kem is pressing down hard.  Stalemate.  Period over.  2-1 Kem

2nd period.  Kem to feet.  Star is trying to bring him out.  But Kem refuses.  And is out.  3-1.  [[[Again, if they went OOB there, that should be stalling on Star]]]  Star in, has lock around right leg by hip.  Kem hips down hard though.  Nada.  Kem with some fakes but Star not really biting.  Star in agin, getting corner.  Close.  Kem grabs Star's ankle through his own legs.  .  Close ... has legs crossed, reaches around and is prying Star to his back, and gets the 2 and gets backs!!   7-1!  

3rd period.   Star out.  Now Kem has a cradle with Star's head down to own knee with Kem out in front.  Trying to keep in but Star is backing out slowly.  OOB.  7-2 Kem.  35 sec.  Star fires but no grip.  Kem pressing down. 26 sec.  Star fires, nada.  Now Kem shuffles back and forth.  Done.  Kem wins.

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