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Mic Him Up

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Couple things regarding Flo and mic'd up Brandses.

Their remarkable Terry film had an awesome sequence of Terry at nationals in the corner coaching Ramos vs Colon.  Talking trash with the opposing coaches (chastising them, I kid you not, for cheering too much on an early lead); working the refs (insinuating they were ganging up on Ramos, not that Terry is paranoid or anything); and attempting to start a fistfight (telling a guy about two and a half times his size that he'd "take him out" for walking too close to him).  Gold, indeed. 

Seriously, snark aside, the guy's intensity is mesmerizing.  The one I'd really like to have a tape of was another Ramos match -- a third place match at NCAAs against a Dardanes, maybe 2012?  My memory of watching it live on TV was that both guys were absolutely exhausted, as all humans are at the end of the Saturday medal round,  and Terry just kept screaming louder and louder, all exhortation for Ramos, and you could see Ramos physically responding and finding another store of energy and winning it strictly in response to the coaching.  It was exhilarating to watch. 

The other point is that if you follow the link in the reply above to the Flo mic'd up library, at about the 9:30 mark of the Kolat video he and Tom (I think) have a highly entertaining effort to work the refs on an Iowa challenge at the end of the match. The cameraman circles over to Tom doing some lobbying, then Kolat complains about it, then Tom turns the tables and makes it seem that it's Kolat who's trying to work the refs, not him. The head of officials comes over and then the two coaches just keep leaning in from their corners trying to let their testosterone leak over into the referees' conclave at the table.  (Also,  FYI, the entire video of Kolat is tremendous, the best one I've seen, the guy just oozes command and charisma.)


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43 minutes ago, Jaroslav Hasek said:

That would kick ass. Would be wonderful if Tom or Terry agreed to be mic'd up. We've gotten some real solid stuff from other coaches over the years. Looking forward to doing more of this kind of content post-pandemic! https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6305476-micd-up-coaches

Yes!  We're on the same page. Not that I dont enjoy the content you linked to but I'm talking more of something along this line.  Some melodramatic music,  Iowa radio broadcasting, good storyline, and a lot of Brands smack talking.  


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