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2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships Quarterfinal Pairings

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2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships Quarterfinal Pairings


http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships Quarterfinal Pairings

The NCAA wrestling championships continue on Friday, March 19, 2021, with the quarterfinal round.

Lightweights start at 11 AM ET, and the upperweights start at 3 PM ET.

A number of NJ natives are wrestling in the quarterfinals!

125 pounds

1-Spencer LeeIowa vs. 9-Devin SchroderPurdue
4-Drew HildebrandtCentral Michigan vs. 5-Brody TeskeNorthern Iowa
3-Brandon CourtneyArizona State vs. 6-Jakob CamachoN.C. State
2-Sam LatonaVirginia Tech vs. 7-Taylor LaMontUtah Valley

133 pounds

1-Daton FixOklahoma State vs. 8-Chris CannonNorthwestern
4-Austin DeSantoIowa vs. 5-Micky PhillippiPittsburgh
3-Korbin MyersVirginia Tech vs. 16-Matt SchmittMissouri
2-Roman Bravo-YoungPenn State vs. 10-Louie HayesVirginia

141 pounds

1-Jaydin EiermanIowa vs. 9-Dresden SimonCentral Michigan
4-Tariq WilsonN.C. State vs. 21-Real WoodsStanford
3-Sebastian RiveraRutgers vs. 6-Allan HartMissouri
2-Nick LeePenn State vs. 10-Zachary ShermanNorth Carolina

149 pounds

1-Sammy SassoOhio State vs. 25-Yahya ThomasNorthwestern
4-Boo LewallenOklahoma State vs. 12-Max MurinIowa
3-Brock MaullerMissouri vs. 6-Bryce AndonianVirginia Tech
2-Austin O'ConnorNorth Carolina vs. 7-Jonathan MillnerAppalachian State

157 pounds

1-Ryan DeakinNorthwestern vs. 8-Jared FranekNorth Dakota State
4-Jesse DellavecchiaRider vs. 12-Brady BergePenn State
3-David CarrIowa State vs. 6-Brayton LeeMinnesota
2-Hayden HidlayN.C. State vs. 23-Jacob WrightWyoming

165 pounds

1-Alex MarinelliIowa vs. 8-Shane GriffithStanford
4-Mekhi LewisVirginia Tech vs. 5-Zach HartmanBucknell
3-Jake WentzelPittsburgh vs. 6-Keegan O'TooleMissouri
2-Anthony ValenciaArizona State vs. 7-Ethan SmithOhio State

174 pounds

1-Michael KemererIowa vs. 8-Daniel BullardN.C. State
4-Mikey LabriolaNebraska vs. 12-Bernie TruaxCal Poly
3-Carter StarocciPenn State vs. 6-Andrew McNallyKent State
2-Demetrius RomeroUtah Valley vs. 7-Kaleb RomeroOhio State

184 pounds

1-Aaron BrooksPenn State vs. 8-Taylor VenzNebraska
4-Parker KeckeisenNorthern Iowa vs. 5-Hunter BolenVirginia Tech
3-Lou DeprezBinghamton vs. 6-John PoznanskiRutgers
2-Trent HidlayN.C. State vs. 7-Brit WilsonNorthern Illinois

197 pounds

1-Myles AmineMichigan vs. 8-Stephen BuchananWyoming
4-AJ FerrariOklahoma State vs. 5-Jacob WarnerIowa
3-Kordell NorfleetArizona State vs. 6-Nino BonaccorsiPittsburgh
15-Michael BeardPenn State vs. 26-Jake WoodleyOklahoma


1-Gable StevesonMinnesota vs. 9-Greg KerkvlietPenn State
4-Cohlton SchultzArizona State vs. 5-Tony CassioppiIowa
6-Gannon GremmelIowa State vs. 14-Trent HillgerWisconsin
2-Mason ParrisMichigan vs. 7-Ethan LairdRider

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