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Medal Round Discussion

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1 hour ago, Crotalus said:
1 hour ago, jross said:

Finally a Desanto antic that is entertaining, even hilarious. Can't deny the dude's passion. Impressed and surprised the Brands have been able to tame him.

I guess Brands tamed DeSanto about as well as Siegfried and Roy tamed their tiger.

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5 hours ago, bnwtwg said:

Yo @Chet Hanson you disagree? I see it Gwiz/Gable/Parris in some order and then a steep drop to 4th. Who would be ahead of Cass at this point if Coon doesn’t enter? I’ll take him over No Shot Nelson and good chance he’s strong enough to punch Bradley right back in the mouth.

Cass is a pud. He'll get rolled at OTT. That's if his cottage cheese a$$ can make 120kg.

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